Did you ever consider that reaching out to others in the world may require you to become familiar with what they are used to? It does not mean that you personally have their interests but one day you might find that most of the social media in it's present form on the net is mostly fake. Are you a woman? Do you want me to be interested in the things you personally might be interested in? I am going to try ok? Here is a video of someone who seems to love things that a lot of men don't think about. What is that? It is scented candles!


I wrote about ladies handbags and perfume  and to my delight someone responded to my description of a Perfume Gift Box full of women's secrets. I hope that my writing and images were a pleasing aroma in her sight. I am not going to give up easily because this site is most definitely unique because I am attempting to target people from all walks of life and backgrounds. If I were to post a real image of myself I personally believe that I would immediately lose my power. It's not because of how I look. In fact, I look better than average. The way the brain normally perceives beauty has to do with symmetry. I know this site is not symmetrical and there is a reason for it. I hope that you can lay that aside and breathe in some scented candles with me. Tell me if you agree or not! Tell me that you don't feel alone when I speak your scented language! Just to prove to you that this is coming from me, I have taken the time to show you my collection of candles and scents and the next beautiful picture is all the evidence you need to believe that I did not copy another woman's work.

              fragrance oil

Oh, take a look at my wonderful evidence of Fragrance Oil ready to be opened and inhaled! Is this not proof enough for you that I am original and worthy of a woman's attention? How dare you tell me I am trying to seduce you when it is my Avatar that has been to blame all along. Do you like him? He is harmless, isn't he? He knows how to be a Chameleon, to change color and to sing a different tune when he wants to. Do you know the story of the Pied Piper? Can I play for you and help you to forget that dreadful mayor who was making life difficult for us all. Come follow me because I know there is a child inside us all. The Pied Piper knew this and what emitted from his flute was a perfect frequency that even fooled the rats. Did you know there is power in a gentle voice? If you are a woman, I want to tell you that I like the soft toned lady. Yes! Please don't try to be a man because that is normally my job and not yours. Men can be so boring! Simply give up and be who you were meant to be. Let me seduce you for your own good because today I am giving up who I am for you. Don't be offended but rather be overwhelmed by the pervading aroma that is coming from my scented candles and oils and after I have empowered you be nice to your man for he is troubled! LOL!

             scented candles

I am sure you are delighted and excited, so lets begin with the Rouge Candle. There is nothing special about it really except for the pleasing odor- yes, it is reminding me of yellow marzipan and a young lady I knew as a teen who gave me some to eat. She was lovely! She had brown hair and green eyes, a slender youthful body and a smile that killed me. I am so glad I have managed to release myself from her mystical grip, but I believe that this candle reminds me of her better part which I saw in the beginning. I must believe she has a good essence and so I will forget about what happened later on and simply breathe in her romantic and friendly marzipan presence. I know Kathy will probably never read this but I forgive her, for we were young and we did not know what we were doing! Let's go beyond the old flame shall we and have our nostrils illuminated by other oils.

            candle scent

I cannot tell you how overwhelming it is right now. To save time I have opened all the bottles at once from musk, to chocolate and orange, from oceanus to strawberry fayre, dreams, sugar and spice, frankincense, myrrh, lemongrass, orange grove, olbas, brandy apple, gingerbread, the scent of love, wisteria and  I cannot go on because the page is going to unromantically end for us all. Can I take them all in at once? No! It is not possible because they all deserve to be a unique candle oil for a special occasion including times when we are feeling a bit down. Why am I not talking about candles? The answer is today it is a day of scents for me. I will leave you for now, but will be honest and tell you that the bottle I have chosen for my next candle is Frankincense and Myrhh. What does it remind me of? It reminds me of safety. There is something deeply spiritual in this oil. Maybe not in the oil itself but something behind the odor which might be giving me a message not to lose hope and although I am struggling with something right now, I can always light a candle and remember that there is light at the end of every tunnel. Maybe I will light a candle for you too and wish you well today if your world seems dark and meaningless. Remember that light is greater than darkness and a powerful perfume odor can cancel out anything trying to compete with it in a instant. May you receive these at just the right time. Be patient and wait for the next scented candle of your life as I wait for mine ;)