Have you ever done a search for a certain term and found that a page produced by someone did not look spectacular but managed to get the first position for that search engine term? Let's say that you go to see the results for that term on the 5th page and find someone else has managed to produce something that looks more stunning but you wonder why it is not highly ranked? Do you think that this is unfair? 


                              SCRAPED MATERIAL FROM THE WEB

What if the search engine you were using had detected that the guy on the 5th page had used a web scraping program to produce the material for that page while the guy who has a less impressive page did not. Don't you think that the one who had produced the original content should be rewarded? What if the guy with the very low rank was an SEO or webmaster who was in the habit of scraping material from the web?

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                                     WHAT IS SCRAPING?

Web scrapers are programs people use to extract data, images and text from web pages into a format that can easily be manipulated by the webmaster who is scraping. This means that you can download material to your computer, manipulate it slightly and then re-upload it to a web page in the hope that it will be recognized as original content. Oh dear! What if some poor soul had spent a year doing research to produce that original list but now it has been stolen and manipulated in a few seconds for the sake of someone else's monetization program? Don't you think that is really unfair? Why did that guy not get a link to his resource? Maybe the scraper is really stingy and paranoid about giving link juice to something original.

What if some of these scrapers even have the balls to complain on blogs about how terrible the search engine company is because he recently lost ranking? I don't imagine for one moment that these people have balls because they normally will not give any references to the site that belongs to them. Why is that? Well, it is because if they did, then some experienced SEO will be able to detect what they have been scraping. Then again there is the fact that because so much web scraping has been going on that maybe people are actually scraping from a scrape? Is the web going to become a place where automated programs are going to deliver scraped content in various forms? I can tell you honestly that there is not a single trace of any scrape on this particular page. It is unique content. Even the artwork of the wise SEO is original (just baked today) and should be the tastiest kind of food for image bots don't you think? The title above says "Scraper Ratio" and the question I am asking is how much of your website is original and how much is scraped. If 10% is original and 90% is copied then surely you have a scraper ratio of 10/1. Is anyone making programs to automatically report scraper ratios? Do companies like Google already have their own? What do you think? If they do, don't you think it is time to steer clear of these things and actually start producing your own content? Would that be an "Relevant SEO Tip" for 2011? Who is producing their own content in 2011? Maybe in your next update you might want to consider lowering the ratio of non original content vs original i.e. get a better scraper ratio!