It may come as a surprise to some and to others not, that search engines are tending toward delivering different results for search according to the IP range you are connected to (in simpler terms- your geographical location)



It is not only search engines promoting localization but blogs as well. If you are an expat living in Asia you might of found that a large percentage of blogs are now preventing expats from the United States or United Kingdom from participating in certain blogs because you are using the wrong IP range. There is an easy way around this which I explain at the bottom of this page, so don't worry. However, it will cost a little bit.


Why is it important to know about this? You probably won't know about this unless you have been involved in international business. If you are always viewing the internet from one location you might never be aware of what is happening in other parts of the world. What I mean is that you will be receiving information that is filtered for the purpose of satisfying the local community you are living in. If you don't believe me, then you need to spend time playing with proxy servers. 


 This page will not be interesting to anyone who never wants to move out of the sphere he is living in. If you are happy not knowing what is going on in the rest of the world from a "rest of the world" perspective, then this is not for you. Most people are happy living under a rock, but an international businessman will be interested in a truly global perspective.

If you travel the world for example and watch the same news channel in your hotel room you will begin to see that the same companies deliver different content to different locations. One of the problems with large corporations who have international offices overseas is that they lose touch with people in other parts of the world. They assume that just because someone in the USA is thinking "this way" that naturally others on the other side will be doing the same. Smart corporations will get locals to run their companies overseas and report back to them. These locals will be familiar with the conditions and trends pertaining to that geographical area and can be a valuable source of information that is probably not being highlighted outside.


Well, lets say that you are operating a business in the United States which specializes in providing services to the people in the United Kingdom. Isn't it going to be important for you to know what kind of ranking or exposure you are getting for certain keywords related to your domain in the United Kingdom and nowhere else? You will not want to see great statistics just for the United States, would you? There is going to be something terribly wrong if 90% of your website visitors are coming from a territory that you have no interest in. How are you going to even know about this problem if a local SEO gives you a report for ranking that is not even relevant?




There are plenty of proxy services available on the internet. If you are running such proxy services, then let us know about it by posting a message below and getting your link juice from this website. It is not going to cost you anything. Well, not yet!


                            Fig 11.0 Proxy Server in the UK

If you simply turn on your computer and do a search using one of your favourite search engines for things pertaining to your domain /website  and you are in New York USA, you are most likely NOT going to get the same results as someone searching for the same things in London Great Britain. This means that the search engine is giving you irrelevant search returns and not providing the services that you really want. The search engine made a choice to give you those results because most people probably want to see those results but not everyone does. In this case you will probably need the services of a decent SEO living and working in the UK or and SEO who has different computers in his bedroom/office set up for different parts of the world. Don't you think someone like that would be an insane seo? 

 You could be searching for a term related to your website and be highly ranked in your default Gremlin SEARCH ENGINE  viewed in New York- but not even found in the first few pages of the same search engine in the UK. 


                           Fig 12.0 Proxy Server in the USA


 What can you do if you want to know what is going on in the UK? Well, you could buy a budget airline ticket and fly to London and use the wireless system at Heathrow or Gatwick airport to find out what is going on or you could simply use a proxy server that is in the UK. If you are a decent SEO from the UK you probably need to know who has this kind of problem, don't you? Well, they would be a perfect client for you because now you are going to offer them something they could not really get locally!

              proxy server connection

             Fig 13.0 Which IP range is your network connected to?


If you are living in the United States and most of your business is in the United Kingdom, you may have to consider  registering a domain in the United Kingdom with Nominet. You can do this easily if you have legitimate business in the UK or you could also get in touch with others who will register for you and host your website on a UK server or a UK IP range. The same could  also be true if you are doing it the other way around. I am personally want to be contacted by as many hosting services as possible that offer hosting in different geographical locations. This would be invaluable to people visiting this page. 

                      EASY WAY TO GET A PROXY SERVICE 

Probably one of the easiest ways to get a proxy for a certain country is to join a cloud computing service from a particular area. If you take a look at the videos on cloud computing you will be introduced to several companies offering these services. 

I feel strongly about the need for more proxy services around the world. This is because we do not want to lose touch with the World Wide Web. In some countries it is kind of illegal to use a proxy service but in many countries it is not. There is an argument that goes on continually about proxy but there are definitely useful applications, even in sales and marketing. 

Let me give everyone an example. Whoever is reading this, do you know about Yandex Mail? Why don't know about it? Well, here is a video about it. 


Have you ever seen Baidu Advertising? If not, take a look. It is interesting.


It is very important for some people to know what is going on in the rest of the world from the rest of the world prospective. One way is to travel to all these different countries and experience what locals experience in business and culture . A proxy server cannot replace that direct contact but it certainly won't do any harm to businessmen to  have access for business and educational purposes.