This page is again designed for "the rest of us". Just because someone is able to write all kinds of technical details about inner workings of spidering technology does not mean that they will necessarily be able to help you understand how you should view search engine spiders. WHOIS BID also realizes that most people lose concentration very quickly when it comes to technical subjects. Too much technical jargon can sometimes be an impediment to someone working on a project. It can become a DARK COMPUTING CLOUD that envelopes its victims by stealth.

Do you want to see how I was encouraged after 4 months of trying to build this site? Watch the video first and be inspired and then use whatever you want from my search engine journal for the first three months struggle in late 2010 and early 2011. May this page revolutionize the way you perceive the web through seeing one man's struggle. Don't give up in 2011 or later. You can win! You can do it! But you must fight for your life and commit yourself every day!



 Our guess is that most people who have successful websites may not even know much about spiders on the web or even care about them - but strangely they have been doing something right and have got the attention of the search engine spiders. Catching the spider's attention initially is good but in order to get the most out them, they need to be triggered to come back and visit your site regularly. If you have ever played with real spiders you will see that they are interest to see their victims on their web. Something new has joined their web and they might be inclined to CRAWL their own woven network. 


The following is an example taken from the WHOIS BID stats page for November 2010



If you take a look at the columns with stars you will see that the web statistics program started logging activity one week ago (today being November the 15th) Clearly,if you look at the visitor column, there are not many visitors so far and WHOIS BID does not have anything impressive to show yet since few people know about the site . The visitors have been mostly been digital insects  i.e. search engine spiders. The point is that there has been spider activity and some spiders don't have a problem revealing who they are. Here are some examples of the spiders that were given names by their owners who also have visited WHOIS BID at least once in the last week. Some were more active than others even coming more than ten times. At this point, we feel that there is no need to give more details but simply to show our visitors that these spiders are doing their job . The following are examples of some spiders that were taken from the stats that showed what SITES have been coming to WHOISBID in the last week.

We expect that these spiders will come again and other spiders will eventually wake up and start doing their job. Of course there are different kinds of spiders . There are COMMON SPIDERS , BLOG SPIDERS, IMAGE BOTS and so on. We don't want to bore you with technical details because there are plenty of people doing that already. 

                                   SE SPIDERING FREQUENCY

Right now there is not much to show anyone about the SPIDERS only that they have come and will most likely come again. What is important for a website that has just begun is to make sure that they keep coming and to watch how frequently they come. WHOIS BID is a 100% UNIQUE CONTENT WEBSITE using its own photos, artwork and text. It is also a site that is being updated frequently. WHOIS BID believes that it is doing everything properly and that these spiders should be coming back again and more frequently. Bookmark this site and come back again in a few weeks if you are interested to see anything new developing. We hope that in showing this information to you that you will start to pay attention to spidering activity if you are working on a site. If you have a new site and it is not being spidered often, there is a probably a reason why. We believe that one of the major reasons could be LACK OF CONTENT, COPIED CONTENT (words, text and pictures) and infrequent updates. There may also be something wrong with your html and you could try a META TAG ANALYZER but don't underestimate the top search engines by believing that they are completely stupid like many people do. If believing that how well you did your tags and keyword stuffing is the only way to get a search engine's attention , then search engines are incredibly dumb. Well, in many ways they are dumb because they are bots. There are some search engines that are extremely dumb but the popular ones are not. The popular ones have billions of dollars invested into their technology so they are not going to want to be manipulated by a crowd of SEO's who are always trying to CHEAT THE SYSTEM.


                   SEARCH ENGINE UPDATE  FOR NOVEMBER 17TH 2010

                WHOIS BID STATISTICS


This is just a quick update for those who are interested. Of course this report is very subjective but it may be helpful to someone who wants to see what happens to a site like WHOIS BID. Lets start from the 14th of November. Notice that there was a SURGE IN WEBSITE VISITORS i.e. from 38 the previous day to 128. This was because WHOIS BID signed up with TWITTER and made 24 TWEETS. BTW- We don't think it  is worth bothering trying to trick google by using Twitter solely for the purpose of increasing your adsense earnings.  Google is not stupid! 


The next day, the traffic returns to what we would call a natural state. (see blue VISITS column from the 14th to the 16th. So far, WHOIS BID is not being found by any GENERIC SEARCH TERMS. What we mean by this is that we are not getting any live human beings coming to this site yet from them typing in certain search terms into a search engine. If you are using a statistics program you can see this from the "SEARCH STRINGS" We know from experience that when the site starts getting found by certain SEARCH STRINGS or SEARCH TERMS or KEYWORDS, the traffic/visitors will start to increase. So, that has not happened yet and we believe this is normal for a site like this . When will we start to get decent natural search visitors? When will this happen? And what search strings will lead people to WHOIS BID? Well, that remains to be seen. If you happen to be a human being who has been led here somehow and you want to know, then bookmark us and come back at a later date. These things are FASCINATING to the writer of this page and he is allowing you into his world. This site is no longer something off the street. It is now becoming a



                       UPDATE FOR NOVEMBER 21st 2010

Checking the website statistics  today- we find that the most visited page on the  site is this page! What does this mean? Well, we believe that there are not enough statistics as of yet to make any assumptions because the amount of traffic to the WHOIS BID website is still relatively small. It is now exactly two weeks since we uploaded our first page. 

             sell domain name

                Visit Sample data from 16-20 November 2010

The increase in visitors is not from natural search using search engines. It is from Tweeting using TWITTER.  Whois Bid has been building new pages and announcing them on Twitter regularly because Twitter seems to be the fastest way to get your message out. Although you are going to enter a world that is crowded with all sorts of things going on that may be irrelevant to your purpose you just might be able to get someone's attention i.e. someone who is interested in what your website is about and WHOIS behind the website. The TWEETS account for the slight inflation of traffic and we will show you more very soon. It is now possible to easily find WHOIS BID using certain non popular terms on the major search engine such as DOMAIN NAME BID RIGGING and a few other related search strings to do with DECEPTION ON THE INTERNET -but this example of these particular search strings being used to find the WHOIS BID WEBSITE is not something to get excited about unless of course your KEYWORD TARGETING activities have been directed to a specifc audience or SPECIALIST MARKET .When you see SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING companies tell you that they can get you first position on a search engine you should be very suspicious of the examples that they give to prove this. They will chose obscure search strings (non popular search terms) as examples to impress people that they are able to do this. Showing examples of being No #1 in for a search term in a search engine for something very few people are search on does not prove that they can help you. If you really investigate these things you will see that companies do this because people fall for it. People and companies are desperate to get highly ranked on search engines and sometimes they are willing to do anything to get the results that they want. Even to risk their website being blacklisted. We are living in a highly competitive world filled with CARPET BAGGERS and the likes.

             search engine scams

                       HONEST WEB PRESENCE APPRAISAL

Lets be honest - very few people will be using combinations of those words in search but most businessmen are not going to listen. This is because most of the people with money are the older generation and these older people don't want to know how search engine optimization really works.

They are willing to pay others a small fortune to take care of it but they don't know what they are paying for and they don't know how to properly evaluate those providing these services. This means that a lot of people are making money from selling services which they do not actually provide.

                      BEING ENCOURAGED BY YOUR STATS 

  One thing that is encouraging about our current progress is that this website (after 2 weeks)  can now be found using some uncommon simple generic terms (or should we say UNPOPULAR POPULAR SEARCH TERMS ....BUT.... the statistics tell us that no-one is yet finding  this site using any particular POPULAR SEARCH TERMS .  This now has to do with SEARCH ENGINE RANKING . That is because our SEARCH POSITION is far too low e.g when you do a search in the MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES using popular search terms WHOIS BID does not appear on the first page but way way deep into the results and you may have to go through the search engine list. Any small or medium sized website that is going to be popular using natural search will normally have only a few keywords that it is popular for. Sometimes marketing companies give reports to their clients telling them "YOU HAVE BEEN FOUND" by all these keywords etc. Well, that is not the whole truth. You need to look at the percentage of people who came to your site using those particular keywords. For example, If you are targeting a subject such as DOMAIN NAME APPRAISAL  and you have see your web statistics report that out of 1000 visitors only 2 people found your site using those search terms then it is not really working. There are tons of ways in which self proclaimed SEO experts fool their clients into believe that they are actually producing results. If you really are hiring someone to do WHITE HAT SEO for your company, you need to find someone you can trust and you need to pay them a decent amount of money because it is a lot of hard work helping someone to make his website popular using natural search. This is a big problem for true SEO professionals because most of their clients are never going to understand what they are doing and so you end up with discouraged UNDERVALUED SEO'S who will probably end up running their own business.  Most people these days are trapped and so they turn to PAYPERCLICK advertising to get what they want. PAYPERCLICK is not SEO at all but there people selling consulting services for KEYWORD BIDDING (which is what PPC is) These people sell these services calling them SEO services when actually they are not.


 Most people are not going to be finding a website that does not have any high position for any SEARCH TERMS. What will be the most popular keywords that people will use in future to find the WHOIS BID WEBSITE? Well, remember to bookmark this page and come back later for the next updates to find out. Tune in for the NEXT EPISODE in this exciting discovery!

                search engine results

Have you ever worked under pressure to produce results? If you are working for a boss who expects you to produce results you might find you are under incredible pressure. Sometimes this is good because you will have to think about why you are not getting results. Sometimes you will have to discard all your knowledge and experience and humble yourself realizing you still know nothing about anything. Then you will become free to change.




Well today was a happy day for the WHOIS BID WEBSITE. It was the first day that we logged onto our CPANEL and found in the WEBALIZER that finally a human being has found this website by typing in a search string unrelated to this domain name keyword. It was related to  HOW DARK CLOUD COMPUTING HAPPENED  . Maybe for some this is nothing to get excited about but for us it is GOOD NEWS because it means that it has only taken just over two weeks to be found by a human being using a search engine and not just their SPIDERS. We have also seen a general daily increase in visitors but it is nothing impressive. We will update those who are interested in this page in a few more days with some other thoughts.



             making websites

             Spiders on chart represent main search engine bots

             Smiley faces represent real people coming to the site

It is now DAY 18 and the WHOIS BID WEBSITE is 2 1/2 weeks young. The figures are now beginning to change. If you take a look at the yellow peaks you will see smiley faces which showing human beings visiting the site and not just spiders. The main cause for this is TWITTER. On day 18 we now have a mixture of visitors. The most being from Twitter, the second most are search engine spiders (Google being the most active by far) and visitors who have typed keywords in a search engine and have found us by that method (few so far) The WHOIS BID WEBSITE does not really have any links from powerful websites, so we are not counting visits from others linking to us -since we are not depending on that , although later we will probably find that some sites have linked to us. There are of course other statistics we could look at but the data is not enough to draw too many conclusions. TUNE IN FOR THE NEXT UPDATE !

        STATISTICS UPDATE MONDAY NOVEMBER 29th 2010 (about yeh- its late)

OK folks, I deleted some of the comments I wrote in the last few days because in reading my own writing I realized its not fun to see too many details. What can we see about WHOISBID today? I am going to put an image underneath from one of the stats programs but I have taken out things I do not feel we need to see right now. What we are looking at are the top four pages since November 7th.


It seems that apart from the index page the most popular pages are THIS PAGE you are reading right now. LOL! and the next is the one on Dark Cloud Computing and the 4th is a page about Link Deception 

If you do a search today in the most popular search engine in the world and if you are in the United States or in Asia , you might be surprised that it is now very easy to find this site if you were looking for "LINK DECEPTION" . I personally have no idea how popular those terms are and if they are going to bring more visitors to WHOIS BID but it is something to show you and maybe you will get excited seeing something happen dynamically and not after the fact. Don't you think in doing this we are a unique website? LOL!  OK as for visitors to the pages they are still mainly SPIDERS and traffic from Twitter ranging between 65-93 visitors a day. I will not be showing a graph for that at this moment because it is not interesting- now that you already know. I will be back soon when something interesting happens to show everyone. See you soon!



            STATS ART

                      NOVEMBER 2010 IS ALMOST OVER 

We are now at the end of November. Today is the 30th. Tomorrow will be a new month for thirty days hath September, April, June and November- all the rest have 31 (except of course Feb & the leap year) . Stats have not changed very much and we are still not really being found on search engines but anyone who is finding us through a search engine is doing it through GOOGLE and so in November 2010, this website gives the award for greatest , most active spidering company  to GOOGLE.COM. Google does not need a hyperlink from us but this poorly website will give them credit. Here is your hyperlink GOOGLE

I would like to add that its no surprise that Google is the number one search engine in the world. If you watch your stats you will see that their activity on scanning new websites is far more than the others. Could it be that we are seeing alot of GOOGLE spiders coming to this website because it is ORIGINAL CONTENT? Ah, it is definitely something to consider if someone is claiming to be a modern day SEO.

Today is December 5th. I have not forgotten about updating this page, its just that there is not much to say (nothing much has changed). Most of the traffic coming to this site is from our Twitter account. There is some traffic coming from Google but it is a very small amount and nothing to be excited about. We can be found by doing searches such as ZZ TOP TOTAL EARNINGS but that is not what this site is about but thank they search engines anyway for bringing any kind of traffic to a brand new site. Knowing that someone came to your site can be encouraging.

                               GOOGLE TRANSLATION WIDGET

Today we did something new, we added the google translate widget to all our pages. We will let you know if this helps in any way. In the meantime I believe that it takes some patience to work on a site so that it begins to be found by several search terms on search engines. During this "doubting period" you may want to read something about the DARK SIDE of CLOUD COMPUTING  which really has little relevance to cloud computing itself but more for those who are battling against something quite enormous. I will probably have something more to say (something interesting or helpful) in a few days. 

Today is December the 8th. I want to wait a few more days. I have found Twitter is still getting more traffic to this site than search engines give it.

                     UPDATE FOR DECEMBER 10th 2010

Just so that someone who really is following this knows that I am still around and still updating the site I am going to show what keywords were being used to find the glorious domain name bidding site called WHO IS BID. ;) This is still not anything impressive but some of us might find encouragement that at least it is possible to see some search engine activity in just over a month.

domain name bidding 16.4 %

carelmeyer         13.9 %

search copied image   6.3 %

link deception           5.0 %

zz top total earnings   3.7 %

the bad side of 

cloud computing           3.7 %

original websites   2.5 %

futuredomainnames   2.5 %

Its quite interesting that someone found us by searching for  ..................       FUTUREDOMAINNAMES  .....however, take note that the search is NOT for "FUTURE DOMAINS NAMES" (3 words) and so it could of been a BOT scouting to find a list of indexed domains/ urls or net content for future domain name related bumf either to use for their own research, to fill some spam pages with this content or some other reasons which could be the subject of another page. Maybe its just an individual who is trying to find out WHO IS LINKING TO ME  There are people every second of the day typing in their URL name into a search engine because they believe in the importance of backlinks and so they want to find out WHICH WEBSITES ARE LINKING TO MY WEBSITE which is also a great search term ;)

Here are the rest of the keywords that are beginning to pop up for WHOISBID. We are aren't really getting much internet traffic as of December 10th. We did get almost 350 visitors on one particular day last week but that I believe was due to an interesting TWEET. In a few days I will upload a new graph for anyone who is interested to see what happens in the second month of this website. 


One other interesting search term that was used to find this site was googletranslateelementinit . Obviously you won't see real people searching for googletranslateelementinit unless you are STRANGE LIKE ME

There could be many reasons why someone would be using BOTS to see HOW PPOPULAR IS GOOGLE TRANSLATE is or for want of better words the "popularity of the google translation widget"   and that is why they are mostly likely interested in the occurence of "translate element init" found in web pages.  This is part of the script that is used by the Google Translation Widget and so my guess is that someone wants to know how popular this is becoming or get some statistical information for some other purpose. There are alot of people in the world who are doing strange things in basements LOL! Maybe they are not in a basement but in a lab or a nice office . Another thing that is interesting is that a popular META TAG CHECKER  is reporting that it could be problematic for us to put the widget code next to our H1 Header. I personally think that it is not going to be a problem but we will find out sooner or later.

Its now Monday 13th December and my stats tell me that now Yahoo is the winning Spider for WHOIS BID. They are now visiting more than any other search engine. WOW! OK, more to come soon!


               YAHOO SPIDER

Now it is December 15th and Yahoo seems to have been overtaken by Google. Yahoo's victory was short lived. So far we have not really seen much activity if any from Yandex or Baidu Spider- but this could change, so we do not discount anyone but welcome all kinds of insects, spiders and bots to WHOISBID.  Tune in to the next episode of WHOIS BID which is COMING SOON!

OK... I am back and today and happy to show some unique statistics for different keyphrases that some people are now using to find WHOIS BID. I have omitted some of the major ones because it was me searching for those terms. Domain name Bidding was edited by me because it is not representative.

On the left menu I have also uploaded some statistics showing daily visitors to the site in a colour graph format. My comments are underneath UNIQUE VISITORS DEC 


Keyphrases used on search engines December 16 2010 
55 different keyphrasesSearchPercent
domain name bidding 1 11.3 %
omitted  n/a n/a
link deception 12 8 %
search copied image 8 5.3 %
zz top total earnings 5 3.3 %
original websites 5 3.3 %
website worth checker 5 3.3 %
whoisbid 4 2.6 %
zz top earnings 3 2 %
the bad side of cloud computing 3 2 %
whois bid 3 2 %
find out if image is copied from internet 2 1.3 %
copied image search 2 1.3 %
futuredomainnames 2 1.3 %
site worth checker 1 0.6 %
typical his for parked domains 1 0.6 %
n/a n/a n/a
domain bidding website 1 0.6 %
whois search engine spiders 1 0.6 %
linket deception 1 0.6 %
n/a n/a n/a
who won the search engine war  1 0.6 %
how to view html source pictures 1 0.6 %
website value checker 1 0.6 %
dark side of cloud computing 1 0.6 %
look for copied images 1 0.6 %
linked in 1 0.6 %
carel meyer 1 0.6 %
mighty cloud that stopped you 1 0.6 %
the dark side of the cloud computing whois bid 1 0.6 %
search engine spiders bid 1 0.6 % 1 0.6 %
whois websites 1 0.6 %
whois 1 0.6 %
plagiarism checker really works 1 0.6 %
dark cloud computing 1 0.6 %
reverse image search engine 1 0.6 %
multilingual plagiarism detector 1 0.6 %
typical his for a parked domain 1 0.6 %
plagiarism checker really works? 1 0.6 %
free website meta audit 1 0.6 %
when plagiarism checker fails 1 0.6 %
googletranslateelementinit 1 0.6 %
website worth after 3 years 1 0.6 %
n/a n/a n/a
search for copied images 1 0.6 %
find copied image 1 0.6 %
domain bidding websites 1 0.6 %
sequence of the dark cloud 1 0.6 %
search copied images 1 0.6 %

value checker site 1 0.6 %
domain worth checker 1 0.6 %


Today we are finally have an ALEXA RANK . We are ranked by Alexa as the  15,294,200 is ranked #15,294,200 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings but this site is not even two months old yet. If you want to see this verification yourself you can go to the Alexa website and do a search for
Later on Alexa will give their own third party information about this website on their page for whoisbid which includes search analytics, audience, reviews, related links and Sites Linking In

To celebrate this momentous occasion we are going to show you an award that we are giving to ourselves (kind of like a pat on the back which everyone needs now and again) This award is an image we are going to display on the left of the page which shows our current rank listing in Alexa. We hope that this will answer questions people are search for. If you are too tired to calculate how many days or weeks it took to get a ranking in Alexa then go to  "How long to get Alexa rank?" 

If you want to know more about why Alexa is important to "some" people. You can see that some website value estimators figure Alexa rank into their calculation. Although the rank is nothing much to boast about we will take whatever we are given and be happy that at least we a tiny tiny bit more valuable to a robot estimator. Ha Ha! What other encouragement do we have? Well tune in and find out more. The next episode is about to begin!


Today is December the 19th 2010. It has now been approximately 42 days since this website began. I am going to leave some information underneath this text in regards to our page views and for those who are not familiar with page views there will be an explanation on the left hand column somewhere. These figures are not from the Webalizer but from AWSTATS which seems to report less visits than the Webalizer because it trys to filter out visits from search engine robots ( I prefer to call them spiders!) There definitely seems to be some people coming to this site and viewing more than one page. I hope this is useful to anyone who is taking a look at a website that is less than 2 months old.

The letters and numbers shown with a grey background are weekdays while the weekends are highlighted. I recently increased the Monthly Bandwidth Transfer limit to 2000 MB.

Day Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
01 Dec 2010 41 175 412 5.97 MB
02 Dec 2010 35 87 484 8.27 MB
03 Dec 2010 11 13 27 527.93 KB
04 Dec 2010 75 255 1110 17.19 MB
05 Dec 2010 163 572 2325 26.63 MB
06 Dec 2010 122 321 1394 19.98 MB
07 Dec 2010 60 242 1946 16.15 MB
08 Dec 2010 69 217 1301 14.98 MB
09 Dec 2010 76 223 740 12.25 MB
10 Dec 2010 59 174 1283 15.26 MB
11 Dec 2010 53 149 1132 15.49 MB
12 Dec 2010 50 244 1456 17.53 MB
13 Dec 2010 21 206 2523 19.64 MB
14 Dec 2010 26 152 1700 16.94 MB
15 Dec 2010 28 76 957 10.26 MB
16 Dec 2010 27 129 1369 20.81 MB
17 Dec 2010 47 193 1358 20.33 MB
18 Dec 2010 0 0 0 0
19 Dec 2010 0 0 0  0


If you care to take a quick look at a few of the website value estimator  programs you will see at this point we don't really have anyone linking to us. The reports of any site linking to us might show some links but these are not really valuable. When you see a valuable link it is normally shown by "Google links" and so we do not have any proper links as Google currently sees it. Many of these programs show "Yahoo Backlinks" and "Google Backlinks" and you can learn the different quite easily. This is of course if you are english speaking and your first priority is to get noticed by the english speaking internet community "performing search" of which Google is currently the leader by far.

Today is the 24th of December and I will be updating this further probably after new year!



          Taking a break from concerns about search engines!

          christmas tree

Today is January the 3rd 2011. Happy New Year to anyone reading this. After checking stats this site is not really getting any more dramatic change in visitors from search engines. The daily amount of natural traffic is probably between 50 and 90 for natural traffic i.e. without social media e.g. We will be working on improving and adding other things to this website and will come back with some more statistics in the middle of the month. 

             Tomorrow we will be a two month old website.

          2 month website


If you have been following this, it has now been almost 2 months since the Who is bid site began. We are still looking at the number of visitors that come to the site but would like to point out that the natural traffic at this point (from search engines) cannot compete with Twitter traffic. Take a look at the visits column (yellow) in the tilted stats snapshot for the past few days. Notice that one of the numbers is 324. This was a day when we turned to Twitter for traffic. Making several tweets about the different things on the site raised the traffic level to over 300. The WHOIS BID Twitter site now has almost 3000 followers so this would explain why it is possible to tweet and get higher numbers. As far as natural search terms are concerned there are some people now using search engines and finding us by using some search strings that we have posted o the left menu. This is for the month of January 2011.

                       MY THOUGHTS ON JANUARY 10TH 2011

If you have read this far, it means you are interested to see what happens to us because it may have some bearing on what is going to happen to you and your website. Today I am not going to show any stats because although this site is being found by a few search terms here and there, the details may not be interesting. OK, 2 months and where are we? Well, this website is not really getting anywhere with search engines i.e. compared to other websites that are much older I would say we are getting about 1/10 of the natural search visits  that a much older website with pagerank would be getting. Are we going to give up? No! Lets continue and see what happens!

                          TWITTER AND BLOGS ON MY MIND

At this stage in the site's growth there is no way to increase natural search apart from uploading new content but even doing that will not bring a lot more natural search in a very short period of time. People need to see some kind of results at this stage and since we are human, we cannot keep working without seeing growth. Those of you who have experience with building websites will know what I am talking about. I will continue to post information on this page periodically about our progress and try to  continually update/improve this website but my mind is now set on Twitter and Blogs. The great thing about Twitter and one of the reasons why it is so addictive is that you can see increase in your Twitter  followers . To some people this can boost your morale because it is moving forward while you see results from search engines remain in a kind of sandboxed or stagnant state. You can also search the internet for blogs with related interests to your site and although when you post it is most likely going to be a no follow link it is encouraging when you see someone reply to something you have written. I guess you are helping the site blog owner more than your own cause but to some people any kind of exposure and response is better than nothing. I personally believe that things like Twitter scare the living daylights out of search engines when it comes to PPC and I have been thinking about what could possibly change in the future to turn the tide i.e. for changes to occur that will give more advantages to fresh content and original content. So much on the internet that is picked up by search engines and highly ranked is very old. It may be relevant but relevance also means "real time" relevance. Well, whatever is going to happen is not going to change the fact that we have to work within the current setting and framework we are given at this time, much of which is  controlled by Google. So, we will continue!

             Twitter vs Google

            Joining me on Twitter is the way to see where I am going

             twitter making money

            The conclusion for this site in 2011 is in the hands of?

            sell Twitter

Of course there may be some more updates on this page but I like to play games with chips and put my money in places where I think it is going to go furthest. Thanks to anyone who has read up to this point and appreciates the time and effort spent on making this informational website. If you want to backlink to me to help us out, just go ahead. Backlinks seem to be very important for any new website so if you own link wheels from times gone past you are in a very fortunate position.

                         UPDATE FOR JANUARY 23rd 2011

Hey folks, I am back! If you have been following this, then you will know that today our website is about 10 weeks old. If you are now familiar with stats, then simply take a look at the stats below to see that this site is actually making progress with search engines although it is extremely slow. After 10 weeks, Twitter is still the most valuable and powerful asset we have. Twitter is able to bring traffic to your website that search engines did not. Whatever they say about Twitter, no-one can fault the truth that new websites need this service to get traffic to their site while waiting several months for search engines to bring any meaningful results. The higher numbers of visitors that you see in these stats are not from search engines but from Tweets.

             Twitter Value

If you take a look at the info below, you will see that search engines are not making up most of the internet traffic we are currently receiving from simply doing a few tweets here and there. This will probably change later on. Maybe you will be interested to come back every month and see for yourself. Whatever traffic we are getting from search engines can you see that currently Google brings the most traffic at 92.5%. As for Yahoo, I did a scan to see how many pages it has indexed at this point and can see that Google has indexed double the amount in the same period of time.

Links from an Internet Search Engine  
6 different referring search enginesPagesPercentHitsPercent
Google 200 92.5 % 212 88.3 %
Yandex 7 3.2 % 7 2.9 %
Digg (Social Bookmark) 5 2.3 % 17 7 %
Unknown search engines 2 0.9 % 2 0.8 %
Alexa 1 0.4 % 1 0.4 %
Yahoo! 1 0.4 % 1 0.4 %


I am happy to say that on week 11 it seems like Google is really kicking in because this site is now being found by over 150 search terms.



There is no need for me to write any further or add anything to this page after 3 months of building an experimental website to see what is actually going on.  I suspect that most people calling themselves an SEO would not have the balls to do what I have done. This makes my website unique because I am not just giving my opinion. If you want to see right now what amount of traffic and page views I am getting, you can use a bunch of third party programs to get an idea. What you are going to find is that none of them can actually give 100% correct information. This is because the metric they all use is different. Many of them are also using different sources of information. Some of these website value checkers are simply using the domain age as the most important factor. What they are doing actually does reflect somewhat of a truth about search engines i.e. the older you are, the more traffic you will be allowed. Of course you have to be adding content to your website too. It is simple common sense that a blank page is not going to get much attention.

After working somewhat hard over a three month period, this website can get a minimum amount of visitors of about 100+ from search engines. Spending time on Twitter can bring the number to over 400. I am pretty sure in 9 months time this site will be getting over 1000 visitors per day "if" I continue working on it.


Someone who is young and working on a new website is going to look for means to get the most attention in the shortest period of time. If he/she finds that his/her work cannot be rewarded fast enough (is everyone patient?) then they might end up not wanting to support search engines. They will support social networks. There are millions of young people currently spending more than 1 hour a day on social networks. This looks like it is going to be a battle between a younger and an older generation. My bet for the long term is with the younger generation. In the meantime we still have to work with the "older ways" and so SEO is not going to go away soon. You need a decent SEO if you want to get anywhere on the net.

                             UPDATING AFTER 4 1/2 MONTHS

The following video is a short update of what happened after 4 1/2 months. I have built a site with about 160 pages of 100% unique content by this time. Some of the pages are not yet spidered and not indexed and I have caught people copying my text and images before search engines have even seen it. The search engines do not spider this site fast enough or often enough but they do spider older sites better. I know this because I type in the full text into the search bar of short paragraphs containing my unique material and see that those copy sites appear on the first page of search engines with those exact terms. They do not even modify my spelling mistakes.

This is crippling news to anyone who is doing something new. It means that older more powerful sites who do not have unique content are given even more power when they steal something from your website before the search engine has even seen it. It means that new people are going to want to buy backlinks because they have no choice or they are going to get together and try and spend all day on their social network instead of trying to improve the quality and content of their site.  I also have seen evidence of certain third party robot spiders following certain search terms they have in a database e.g. they will get a robot to pretend it is a human searching for things like " what is inside a ping pong ball " and they will follow the link to your site and rip your unique content to be processed by programs they have developed to count your keyword density, inlinks, number of images etc etc because they want to figure out what kind of page they need to auto generate to be on top of you for those keywords. When you view your stats you might think it is humans searching for these terms but it is actually robots. There are probably millions of these robots around the web right now on different IP addresses doing these things every millisecond of the day.  Despite this, the video shows you the conclusions so far and it is quite disturbing because it shows that you need to make about 160 unique content pages to get about 160 visitors per day in 4 1/2 months with a website similar to mine.


So, I will update again probably in 6 months to show anyone who is interested whether spiders and indexing servers are any use to us or if Twitter is still the most powerful application we have seen so far.

OK folks! It is now May 13th and you can see there is a new winner to this website. More traffic is now coming from the search engine you see at the end. This website at this stage is over 6 months old and has over 200 pages of unique content. I never asked for backlinks and never paid for them. Here are the results. Hope it helps you understand what is involved in 2012.