There is a bid every day for security systems but what do we mean by security?To some people security is simply living behind locked doors or installing cctv cameras but in our day and age security has become a multi-billion dollar industry and this is because those are trying to break into our offices, homes and private lives have become more sophisticated.


You are going to find plenty of sites dealing with issues regarding software and hardware security systems and also physical access. It all has to do with access doesn't it? You want to keep certain people from spying on you and stealing something that does not belong to them. You want a better security system. Some time ago I put together a definition of what I personally consider to be a BlackHat and it was certainly not a bunch of people trying to scrounge backlinks on the web to point back to their sites. Maybe the true criminals would like us to think that, but I personally believe Blackhat is something more awful. You see, if someone is able to steal and cheat others in one way (using technology) then what is going to prevent them from stealing in other ways? Why do we have such a dim view of stealing? i.e. we imagine a thief is only going to use one method to steal. What is the logic behind all of this? I believe that if someone is able to hack into your network, steal a gerber file or software source code that they are also capable of simply breaking into an office, home, a suitcase, a laptop or your personal life. While people are thinking about security for software and hardware, we should not forget that thieves can also use their legs to walk and their hands to pick locks and open doors. Maybe we ought to think more about security systems that not only prevent someone from stealing a key or knowing an access code but also systems that are able to audit for e.g employee activities. Of course we now have a choice of choosing a host of Biometric technologies but how reliable are these systems? The following video below is a really basic message proving that a fingerprint system was found reliable because it worked for 5 years without failure. Of course we know that simply doing one test is insufficient to conclude that this device is the answer to our problems but the general message is about security.

What is odd about this particular product is that the supplier went out of business and had to end up selling something else in the end but I think they made a good product because it still works and has been able to protect a particular office from unauthorized access. The fingerprint recognition software is over 5 years old but it works really well.


This door access gadget is simply a device to most people and not really considered to be a full blown security system. It is now becoming evident that even employers of certain smaller companies not only want to stop unauthorized access from the outside but also to track the activities of their employees not just on the internet but also in their office buildings. Of course we know that many larger companies have practiced things like this for quite some time but there is obviously a new market (because prices have come down) for almost everyone to enhance their office or home security system and it now includes tracking employee activities. I personally don't want to be tracked all the time but I have something to say in regards to job security that might change someone's viewpoint and it has to do with honest employees vs dishonest employees.

                 fingerprint recognition system

You see, if you were my employer and I was your employee, I would respect you much more if your company policy was to increase the salary and benefits of hard working honest people and terminate those who are lazy and dishonest. If people are getting away for years with being lazy, stealing, cheating and telling lies, then this is a threat to you if you were my employer. These people are also a threat to me because if I mention it to you it is going to be a problem for me since they might find ways to get revenge which means I might lose my job. Maybe some of those people are in a higher position than I and they have their own friends who are going to join them and frame me for things I did not do - simply because I am a threat to them i.e. honest employees are a threat to dishonest ones! If I was working for a company, I know that if these employees were evil, they could plot together to destroy my employer's business. Guess what! It is happening every day!

                  keypad security

If my employer has eyes like an eagle and the cunning of a fox for the purpose of protecting himself and his good employees then I guess I would have nothing to worry about. Yes! He would know when something is amiss because his gut feeling tells him this and even better if he has the balls to confront people and sort things out. I believe that wise people are also part of an advanced security system.

However, it might not hurt to install a few gadgets in those important places and maybe implement some sort of tracking system which forces people to be more accountable for their actions. Why? Well, it is because I am hard working, honest and believe I am an asset to your business. I also want you to notice me and reward me in the future. I can wait as long as I know you are going to be reasonably fair. I also want you to compare me with the others who are not like me. I want you to take care of me as I take care you. I will watch your back as you watch mine! How many employees think like this? How many employers  want this? Hmm!