First of all I want to tell you that this website is not your typical Google praising nonsense website. I personally believe that a lot of Google employees will not like this website. Let me tell you something very funny. Can you see that this website has Google Ads? Well, I had to apply 3 times to Google Adsense before they allowed me to participate in the Ads program. The reason they refused me previously was given as "site is inappropriate content" which amazed me because Google are always talking about "unique content" which is precisely what this site actually is. I had to change some things on my index page before I was accepted. I have not attacked anyone personally in Google or been vindictive in any way. I love and hate Google at the same time. It is a very strange relationship...LOL!  If Google is allowed to judge my website and rank it on their search engine, then surely I am allowed to judge the way that they rank. Google are not running this world as some webmasters suppose. No! This world is run by businessmen who produce valuable goods and services. Google depends on businessmen and they should know this because it  is the business community that has supported them. To be honest with you I hope that they continue in what they are doing. I don't mind some changes here and there and I actually enjoying watching some of their technical videos. I don't think it is easy to be popular or on the top. Isn't it strange that about a decade ago we had Microsoft and Bill Gates kind if running the show but now Bill is probably enjoying being a spectator instead of being the center of attention. Who knows these things? I am simply speaking my mind and I could be dead wrong. I like to encourage people to investigate things in life and if you find something that you can teach me and amaze me with then I want to know about it. I don't mind being wrong if you have something better for me. One thing that I want from people with ideas is some kind of proof that the idea actually works. It does not have to be some kind of massive proof and even a glimmer of light is enough. This gets me excited!


So what is the truth about links? Well, links are very important! How can I get more backlinks? Maybe one way is to start linking to someone's website and telling them that you did this. You could always start with me. Maybe, just maybe that person will interact with you and answer some of the questions that have been puzzling you. If you don't think that I know anything about how to get links then go somewhere else and learn from there instead. This site is growing organically. It is probably one of the most organic websites on the internet but Google does not know this yet. Google can't know this because I don't have enough links coming in yet. What am I going to do? If you want to know what I am doing on the internet then you will have to perform a search for "whoisbid" and see where I have been participating and what I have been doing. Even if you do this you won't be able to learn anything unless you start building your website to a certain mass. This means you have to work and there is no way around it. Some people have found a way to produce content by using website scrapers but most people won't be opting for that because it is not as much fun. Join me and become a farmer. Plant your own seeds, find some water and wait for the season to change. When your crop starts to grow you will be elated I am sure.  Google seems to pay attention to larger and more active websites in my opinion. Google does not spend time and money seriously checking out the small sites. Maybe I am wrong and Google wants to correct me on this but from the evidence I have in my hands it seems this way. 

Someone might not be happy about the answer to "where can I get more backlinks" and that is probably because you did not watch the video on this page. Although the video is entertaining it is also giving a very deep message. You will have to think about it deeply! What is the point in me giving you all the answers? I can tell you that it is possible to get backlinks but if you are doing it the proper way then you will need to do an incredible amount of work. The kind of person who works on the internet in this way is a great contributor (hint) and in order to understand this you will have to perform a search for "whoisbid" and find out where I am blogging and putting content.

You see there is no single technique to getting backlinks unless you want to pay for them or unless you are part of some seo gang who regularly exchange links with each other. Doing things the "proper" way is the most difficult way on the internet and forces are always working against you. Maybe you have found some way to get lots of backlinks easily to your website but let me tell you something... what is the point in pointing people to your site if there is almost nothing on your website? The next video shows you a website that reports page rank and value for other sites. Go to that website and check out the "site map" and see that not all high page rank websites are valuable. Go through the list and see why certain sites with high page rank are not worth very much. See how big or small those sites are. Start your own investigation and use the tools I am providing you with because this makes me more valuable. Thank you for reading this far. Good luck!