I just updated a blog I am using to write about "Why I hate seo blogs" and now I have come back to my own website to tell you why I really hate them. Of course I gave some interesting information on a blog about why I hate seo blogs but the best information should actually be on my own website. I believe that it would be wise for my readers to do the same. I also hate a lot of these social plugins that have been devised by the seo. Don't you know that many of the website plugins we see today are not really designed to help you at all. No! They are being used to gather information about you. When you install something on your site that is "outside of your own website" then you should be aware that in many cases someone is going to have access to information about your site, your visitors and what they are interested in. There are many ways that they can do this but probably one of the simplest is by offering you some easy to install blogging software to implement on your site in just a few minutes. Why would some of them want to do this? Do you believe that a lot of these people want to save themselves some time by exploiting your website? Huh? Yes! They are trying to gather information about what is important and popular so that they can secretly make a website or webpages somewhere else by using what they have learned from you. They are making money secretly by selling information. They are an seo gang who is exploiting you. Get the wretched commenting software off your site if you are worried about this and use something that is not "too easy" to install. I once had one of those wretched programs being used with this website but I took it out and noticed a huge difference.


Why do I say this? Well, the seo is always thinking about ways to rope some innocent victims into producing content for their sites. They tell you that they believe in unique content but it is "your content" they are using. Why? Well, content is king and they all want to get rich from other people's ideas and contributions while they themselves contribute nothing except plugins that link back to their site from your site. These links they get from you when you install their plugin increase their own personal website page rank which is what they wanted in the first place. They want authority. If you have authority on the internet you don't need to write a 5000 page essay on a topic to appear  high in a search engine result. All you need to do is write a few words and presto you have killed everyone else. These people want power and they get it from ripping you off by taking your content and getting links back to their own site in a sneaky way. They are worse than those who scrape other people's websites for a profit because at least the scraper sites are not hiding their intentions. I am not telling anyone to become a scraper. That is up to you if you want to do that. It is not illegal to scrape websites if you know how to get away with it. Search engines get away with scraping your site content, text and images. They decide what is right and wrong but there were never any rules in the beginning. The rules are being made by those who mastered the scrape. 


Back to why I hate seo blogs. I liked the video above which was not made by me but the guy who is speaking actually knows something about seo. He knows that leaving comments on blogs is worthless to seo. He talks about useless links but his video did not become amazingly popular. I am hoping it becomes more popular through this page I am creating. I don't know this person and he  believes that we must post a real picture of ourselves and use our real name but he looks very young and probably does not have business security issues to consider yet (he might face this problem later) so I would like to add that it is ok to use an Avatar on the internet. An Avatar works just fine. People still watch and like cartoons and they are just as popular as live shows with people's bodies and faces on camera. Why do people read books? Do you need to see their face? Do you want to see people's face all the time when you use a cell phone? Do you see people's faces on a company business document? You might want to consider a plan I have for you if you believe that business and social should be separate. Create a pure business website that is not social but extremely business like and at the same time create a social website that might possibly help you to meet people related to your business but do not link these sites together. Keep them separate.

If you want to see how totally unprofessional facebook is to professional businessmen then you should watch the next video. Social networks are a like a terrible disease to a professional business and should be treated with extreme caution. If you want your home and private life and business to be in the same pot then by all means go ahead. If you believe that a business should have an office, proper conduct and a separation from sex, drugs and rock and roll, then seriously consider separating the two. I did not give you enough reasons about why I hate seo blogs you are going to find a lot of seo blogs telling you something different than what I am proposing. SEO Blogs never gave this advice to me and that is a reason to hate them for trying to destroy what honest and successful professionals with advanced skills have traditionally been doing all along without wine, women and song.