If you want to know what the best lessons are in SEO (search engine optimization) then you need to do something scientific. Forget about all those websites that teach seo and social media because what they say to you is simply an opinion. They never provide any factual evidence to prove that their recommendations actually work. If you want some actual seo evidence for this site then you can find the "search engine spiders" page on this site and see what happened to me from the first few days up till several months of this site's history. I made that page extremely colourful because people can get bored easily. You need to spend time on that page to understand what you are up against if you start a website today. Here is a video that you might want to watch- simply because it is highly ranked. Today I did a search on Youtube to see which video appears for the search term "seo lessons" and this was the first one.


Why is this video ranked first? There could be many reasons for this but it should not be something that concerns you unless you want to target the keyphrase "seo lessons" Am I going to target this? Well, lets see how many people end up here. If you did, then I have something important to tell you. I am not selling seo services. You will not find anything on this site that offers the kind of things that an seo school would. 

In an seo lesson there will be people who want to ask questions about which keyphrases are popular and important to them. I am going to tell you something about this which might surprise some of you. Of course there will be those of you who already know about it but there won't be that many. Most of you are going to learn something new today. What is this seo lesson for today? LOL! 


Some people have been looking to see how many people are coming to their site by reading their website statistics and some will say that the reports are good seo evidence and enough proof that the optimization is working. This is where everyone is going wrong. If you hire an seo firm to do your website optimization you ought to be aware that there are tons of ways to manipulate the statistics. First of all we must understand that "seo" is about getting visitors from real human beings using search engines. It is not about getting stats to show up in your logs. Did you know that there are people using Microblogging services like Twitter to artificially inflate search engine statistics for particular sites? Have you ever wondered why there are so many spammy links with multiple redirects? Why do they need those Tweets to pass through many sites? 1+1 = 2 and you should think about it and come up with the answer yourself. The story gets even worse when you start to wonder why people are finding your site using search terms you cannot believe. Ask yourself if you believe that these are real people coming to your site or simply a robot that has been programmed to do that. I am not talking about visits from search engine bots but about computers that have been programmed to type keywords into a search engine browser and click on the results one by one. Why would people want to create automated programs to do that? Maybe you ought to take a break and watch a video I produced about robots and the internet. I know it is not entirely relevant to this page but it might help someone to understand we are in a robot war right now because as you read this there are computers that have been programmed to do funny things. Yes! Some of them are going to exploit you as well but they will make you think that something good is happening e.g an increase in visits to your site. Haha!



                                      BEST SEO TEACHERS

The best seo lessons are the ones you are going to learn by the best teachers and the best teachers are those who will teach you how to learn something. 

Have you noticed that there are many people giving advice saying "Don't do this and don't do that, otherwise you will destroy your website? If that is the case, then why don't you start building experimental websites? Yes! Build 2 or 3 experimental sites using different techniques from each other. If these sites are experimental then you won't worry about how well you are doing in the search engine ranking positions (SERPS) and this is going to be your seo school and where you will get the best seo lessons.

Forget about what they are saying about quality content. It is better to use "unique content" which is your own content i.e. it came from you. When people talk about quality content they are sometimes speaking through the wrong orifice because what is quality to a particular person might be rubbish to someone else. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one man's meat is another man's poison.

If you believe those wise sayings then people who talk continually about quality content then you might find that they have just told you that your contribution to the internet is so inferior that you are not allowed to be yourself in any way. 

Some good conclusions will come to you after a few months (maybe 6) from building your experimental sites. Try to work on them all as hard as you possibly can. After a period of time the light will begin to dawn on you about what really is working and what is not. I don't want to spoil your seo lessons and if you decide to do this I will be happy to encourage you because it is the way that I personally confirm my suspicions about things on the internet.