Most golfers know about the Golf Masters Challenge but the search engine optimization challenge is just as exciting. The problem is that this challenge is not normally in the limelight and search engine giants would probably not want it to be anyway. The more people learn about what is actually going on, the more sinister the plot becomes. Sometimes I feel that most people don't really have a clue about who are the good and bad guys. A good seo is considered by many to be a bad person because he apparently works on the fringe. People forget to ask the question about who created that fringe? Was it always there? Why should we bring morality in to the discussion and condemn certain individuals for being smart? Should not the discussion really be about search engine politics and philosophy? Why philosophy?  Well, this is because a powerful search engine can make a company a millionaire overnight if that company is throwing the dice correctly and at the same time they are able to almost completely cripple a company who employs several hundred people handling sales from a powerful web portal. That is like being a god, isn't it? Is real seo actually "the challenge of the gods?" Surely people like the Fantomaster exist to challenge something that is imbalanced?


In all things we need a balance to this and my belief is that corporations turning to seo masters might be able to find the balance from the advice they give. I am not really talking to individuals but companies who sell products on an international basis because a large part of your success might depend on how many enquires for your products and services are streaming into your offices every day. Why am I not talking about the advice given in the video? Well you need to watch it! You can also watch the next video created by me and you will realize why it is important for you to spend time on my site and not click away because a new algorithm is being used and you need to watch this second video to know what it is looking for. If you want to help me out and also benefit at the same time then I thank you and you can thank me. I am sorry that you can't thank me using blog reply software because I disabled it a few days ago since I started to suspect it was actually exploiting me too much. LOL!


So, what is it that we need to know? Well, you have to watch part two of what the Fantomaster is saying. I am really surprised that these seo videos are not getting more attention. What does it mean? It probably means that people are losing concentration and simply believing everything they are told because it is the easier and softer way. Does your brain hurt? Business is supposed to make our brains hurt a little and when we are rewarded it can be like a soothing oil poured over our head.


The title on the video talks about SEO secrets revealed but I personally believe that the Fantomaster is not dumb and certainly he is not going to make everything he knows public. If someone has done a lot of research and knows what it is to suffer over many years trying to find the best ways through research, trial and error then he should not be offering services for free. People should pay for good seo services as a sign of respect. Well, here is my payment to Fantomaster but he would know that mentioning him on this page and uploading these videos also benefits me too ;)

This page is unique content because it is talking about unique people. People working for search engine companies would have boring lives if they never had anyone challenging them. I personally do not find seo information from well known search engine companies to be interesting, simply because- to tell the whole truth would mean revealing too many inner workings and once that is revealed, then it could be the beginning of the end. There is a likely possibility that in the near future we will see a robot war where everyone can own his own intelligent robot to spy and scrape the web and produce unique content. This would mean a real robot war of the future is ahead. Robots that can produce not only text but also unique voice, unique images and unique videos. Robots that are neural in the sense that they "learn" from search engine result reactions and adjust content and links accordingly.