I can prove to you on this page why people selling search engine optimization services are wrong. In fact, SEO has become someone reading lots of seo blogs and not paying attention to reality. If they have an opinion, they need to back it up with evidence, but normally the evidence is lacking. If you don't understand what I mean then ask an SEO a question that troubles you about search engines and you will see that his answer relies on one of the following

1. What some search engine company said 

2. What others have said

I also could be guilty of 1. and 2. but I hope that what is being presented here today will clear up the matter and who knows, maybe the UK SEO, RUSSIAN SEO, USA SEO, FRENCH SEO, GERMAN SEO INDIAN SEO  JAPANESE SEO and CHINESE SEO  and all those running an SEO SCHOOL will benefit from a fictitious character called  Mr. Seo who is giving them an opportunity to raise the level of their own credibility. First of all, don't think I hate you guys or even myself. No! Take a break and enjoy the music first, because science tells us that people cannot concentrate for long on the internet...and experienced salesmen know that enthusiasm can increase your staying power and on top of that artists know that inspiration helps them go further. So, if you believe Thomas Dolby can inspire us to give us enthusiasm, then something might happen that starts off a chain reaction by listening to him which in turn could lead to a result of further concentration i.e. "staying power" LOL! Are we making fun of science or simply making science fun? You decide!


                                   SCIENTIFIC APPROACH

We need the help of teachers and technical people who have taught science to others to get involved. This is because the scientific approach to the questions we have on seo require us to conduct experiments that are as unbiased as possible. Where are these people? Actually, they are probably working for multi-billion dollar corporations doing exactly what we have been taught at school except they are now earning six figures and have more resources than your average Joe because they need to work by stealth in the background to continually manipulate the system for their employers. You will probably never normally see these people or know they are. The point is that we need to be aware of the fact that they exist. How do I know that they exist? What is my proof? OK, I am not going to make a blanket statement on this. What I will say is that we can make deductions. If we know what human nature is up to in the "real world" i.e. always trying to find ways to buck the system, then we can deduce that what goes on in the real world is bound to be present on the internet. We could take this even further and say that the amount of falsehood in actual society will also exist on social networks. It is difficult to prove what is actually true and false because human interaction or should I say "how humans should act" is always up for debate. The question we need to ask is:-

1) What can be measured and Quantified?

2) How can we measure it?

3) How are we going to present our evidence and conclusions?

                           SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTATION

If you have practiced chemistry at any level, then you might be familiar with the way a simple experiment is conducted. There is apparatus, methods, results and a conclusion. I am sure there are already enough people on the internet making websites about how to conduct an experiment but maybe not so many that have a marketing person providing the apparatus for the experiment. What could be an example of  some of some of the apparatus in these videos? Would we consider that a model with a nice inviting smile is science and she is blinding you with something other than science? LOL!  The methods are audio visual and the results are clearly shown by the statistics i.e. number of views. Now, the thing is we need to isolate certain things in our experiment to see what apparatus was working best for us. So, we take away the music and see the results, then we take away the model and see the results again. We spend time conducting multiple experiments to see which one was more effective or should I say which apparatus and method works best in particular environments. We do this all in a proper scientific fashion and at the end of the day we will be able to make a conclusion. By the way, the next presentation is from a company I have a great respect for. I even dedicated a page to them here and the following video had nothing to do with my decision to use their services but then again marketing (not just sales) always seems to bring results even though we all might be using different methods and platforms and we should always learn from successful companies don't you think?