I know that some of you are currently mystified in regards to what is going on with your SERP and you have come here because someone told you that you need to find more LINK JUICE and you are still so confused about whether or not you really need more PAGE RANK. On top of this (you wish it was on top of Google don't you) you are wondering if those copied images spread out all over your site is really going to improve your scraper ratio since you heard recently about a war that google has started against your content farms. Maybe you've tried everything and everyone in the search engine optimization business including the top USA seo company , the latest Indian SEO and maybe you are spending several hours a day trying to figure out new ways on how to beat the system. Maybe you see the value in twitter or have just spent 50 dollars to sign up for the latest SEO training module like the video below.


Maybe what you really need is to see a website that was created more recently than others (around 2011) and spy on my website statistics. Surely the people who know how difficult it is in 2011 to start a brand new website and optimize it without buying backlinks could be more useful to you than anything else. This is because if you intend to start something new right now it is going to be an uphill struggle and I liken it to being enveloped by a dark cloud

                                           SEO SCHOOL

Maybe you are thinking about finding the best seo school and wondering if it is a training course being offered by an seo or something that requires you to spend enormous amounts of your own personal time discovering what is actually working. Whatever you think the answer to this might be, we most definitely have to think about the new impact the social networks might have on our site world ranking and whether or not Twitter is going to help us make more money by bringing new visitors to our website. Maybe you don't have time for all of this and so you have decided to employ  a robot on Twitter or you have already seen how auto tweet and using seo automation is not for you. Maybe you can relate to guy in the next video who actually spent some time producing his own content. Yes, it is voice of the one who is building this page. He is with the resistance and participating not only in the search engine war but also a war against Twitter Robots. He is wondering if you will comment, rate and subscribe to his Youtube channel and if enough people do, he might actually do a series on how to become a salesman


If I was trying to sell you search engine optimization packages there would be a link somewhere on this site where you could buy something from me or even hire an seo. You won't find such links. If you have been spending enormous amounts of time over the years building websites yourself, then you already have become an seo if those sites were designed to make money. So, even though you don't have an official title of seo I am happy to say that my seo school understands who you are and is happy to award you with 10 points for effort. Some of you might be grateful to receive such an award but you really want 10 points for achievement too, don't you?

                                      SEO TRAINING COURSE

The best thing that you could ever do right now is to make an Avatar. I don't need to see your face or know what you really do for a living. Yes! Make this character and follow me on Twitter. Of course you will know how to find me. I have made it really easy for you by using the same unique identity all over the internet. WHOISBID can be found by doing a Google search, on Twitter and also on Youtube. I am sorry you won't find me on social networks that require us to upload a real photo because I believe that a high percentage of those photographs or images don't belong to the ones who uploaded them anyway. So, lets forget about social networks for a while because they are not as effective as a powerful website that is found using the Google Search Engine. People are searching for how to be on the top of Google and not Facebook or Twitter so that tells you that what is most important is Google Search and building a website that is going to get noticed by Google Search