Do you know the latest keyphrases in search optimization? What are they? If you want to sell search engine optimization services to the USA you had better get familiar with them before someone else does. Don't you know that some  SEO's are implying that finding a good system is more important than looking for a good salesman? What am I talking about? I am talking about a language which most people can't speak. It is the language of the seo. Even if you are an SEO from India or doing chinese website optimization for Baidu you still need to be able to throw out a few keywords here and there to get your audience excited about the fact that maybe they have discovered the best usa seo services company that really knows how to turn your business around overnight. Yes- by selling you a 5 point system you are going to be on top all the time time. Oh, maybe 5 points is not enough, so lets make them 12 shall we? What is going to be the next exciting thing in SEO that is going to make people ecstatic? Don't you know that the video has just been released on Youtube and you better get your credit card ready to send someone between 50 and 300 bucks before its too late. Watch the video, even for 15 seconds so that I can see from my Youtube graph that I managed to engage people!

You are aware that I am joking, aren't you? Well, most people are not going to know because most people only spend a few seconds glancing at most things on the web. Most of the pages that they read are not going to be digested. What is so funny about the experts in this industry is they talk about something called pageviews and you want to avoid having too many bounce pages don't you? These men are talking nonsense because most of the internet is filled with bounce pages. Your favourite search engine has a high  bounce rate, doesn't it?  Haha! Maybe someone wants to refute me an leave a blog comment proving how I am so wrong. Well, if you fell for that, then I succeeded in bringing more attention to my controversial internet marketing blog, didn't I? I got your number and so has everyone else! By the way, thanks for hating my views and adding the unique content to this page through your refutation! Do you want to watch another video about how much Estibot has currently valued my site? The answer is at the end of the video and so you need to watch the whole thing and I can't be faulted on original content for the video because the music was created by me personally. Yeh! I need to find a way to increase originality and uniqueness as well as keep people interested enough to watch the whole thing. This means more engagement time and a better score so I had to put the carrot is at the end instead of just be natural. There is also a hidden message in the video and if you really want to join the challenge I will send you the rules which will only be sent to you if you Tweet my Popular Twitter Account and request them.

You don't want to miss out on anything, do you?  It does not matter whether you are in New York, California, Las Vegas Nevada or even in Little Rock Arkansas because this new technique works for everyone in almost any location in the United States. I hope you don't think for a moment that I am being serious? If you do, then you are one of those millions of people who have fallen for the hype. Do you really want to know how difficult it is in 2011? If you do, then you can take a look at a website that has opened it's first three month's statistics to the public in an honest way. Where can I find that? You have to find a link on the top menu called search engine spiders. What are the conclusions for the first three months? You have to scroll down to the end of that page. I am currently (as I write) have not used paid links for this site because I want to see how a site does without them. If you do not know about getting links then the following video will be educational. It is always good to see what everyone has to say and then make up your mind later.