You might be surprised to know that there are still plenty of people in the world who are not aware of good serviced apartment deals. Why do I say this? Well, I know someone who only started using them just under two years ago. He found a website called loving apartments This man had planned to visit London and Frankfurt during the summer of 2010  for a three week holiday with his family. In order to understand what was going on in the mind of this potential serviced apartment client I need to tell you a little bit about him and what level of service he is accustomed to. He was worried about cheap hotels and how they would ruin his holiday. He does not mind me using his story but he also values his privacy, so I will make him anonymous by calling him "Sands" for his benefit only.

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Sands lives in Singapore. He already has his own private four bedroomed apartment which now costs a small fortune  Singapore is home to many multi Millionaires and quite a few Billionaires. Not everyone is a millionaire but it is not something unusual in Singapore and so millionaires don't feel out of place. Singapore might be a good place for famous and wealthy people to visit or live because they have more of a chance to live like normal human beings. Who wants to be pestered all of the time by people who look up to you far too much? Apparently, even the co-owner of Facebook, a Mr. Eduardo Saverin is living in Singapore. I don't know why he chose to live in Singapore but I think we could guess. He won't have to worry about too many civilians trying to find out where he lives. I think he is probably happy. If he comes to this website I would tell him that I only use Facebook for friends and don't want it to be a business channel unless there was a change in the way it works.

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Private property is expensive in Singapore and anyone who owns a reasonable 3 bedroomed apartment is not going to be impressed in the least if you tell them that you possess a million dollars. If you have never heard of Singapore and you are an investor, you might even be interested to invest in a very stable country which has been voted several times as the best place in the world to do business. Even American Luxury Casino Hotels seem to be doing well in Singapore and you can normally travel to Singapore using the most successful airline in the world which is no doubt Singapore Airlines

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                      Sands has places to relax in Singapore

Why is Sands interested in serviced apartments in the UK ? Well, he is accustomed to a level of service at a reasonable price which is very difficult to find if you have a large family and you intend to stay in London or Frankfurt for some period of time. Normally for a family of 5 or 6 you will have to book at least 2 hotel rooms and although Sands is able to afford this, he knows from previous business trips to England and Germany that hotel rooms are too small and he is paying for a service that very rarely exists. Sands is shocked at what has happened to the hotel service industry in the UK and so he is looking for other alternatives. He is also not impressed with German Hotels. If Sands is thinking like this, then he makes a conclusion that why even bother staying in a hotel if you are paying for service that does not exist. Sands hears about serviced apartments but has never stayed in one before. 


Sands ended up staying at a serviced apartment in London for a couple of weeks. At first he was concerned about the website that he used to book the apartment rooms online. He already had experience with booking hotels but it was a bit frightening at first sending money to a company he had never heard of. He did not know what to expect. Sands ended up having a great time in a 4 bedroomed serviced apartment with his family. His wife enjoyed doing the cooking, his kids had fun because they weren't caged in some small hotel room and I do not need to say anymore. He was not concerned about the level of service (although the rooms were clean) because he did not expect any service. Sands reports to us that he now prefers serviced apartments vs hotels in the UK. I doubt he will ever stay in a UK hotel again unless he is forced or on a business trip traveling alone. Serviced Apartments in the UK seem to be one of the best solutions for families or large groups. If you know of good ones in the UK, then tell everyone about them because today is your lucky day and we all know that the serviced apartments in the UK, Europe, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and especially Switzerland need a good marketing company to spread their message.


Great to see someone else has benefited considerably from using a serviced apartment rather than just a room in a hotel! If you ever visit Wales, A Space in the City ( is THE place to stay in either Cardiff or Swansea. 

Highly recommend their 3-bed apartments at Century Wharf for larger families, especially since the development has on-site leisure facilities (Pool, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi etc)

They can even help with reputable providers elsewhere in the Uk too!

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The serviced apartment agent SAIL is one of the newest serviced apartments providers in the UK. They offer serviced apartments in most of the big cities and have the best rates. I use them all the time for my business travel. Its not just families that benefit from serviced apartments but also the business travellers who need to stay for a couple of months in one location.
Serviced Apartments is really my only type of accommodation.


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Whoisbid is a friendly site and has a good feeling about quite a few serviced apartment websites. If you are working on the web to promote your site it is important that you know about the implications of social media. At the moment it is search engine results that are probably far more important than social media. If you want a clue, then let me tell you that the guy who was mentioned used search engines to find his apartment and not social media.