If I were to make several sites that contained much of the same content found in whoisbid, my guess is that search engines would bunch these sites together as "similar pages." Have you ever conducted a search and seen text that goes something like " these results have 'similar pages' omitted?" Does this mean anything to you? It certainly means something to me. It means to me that my other pages were considered to be similar content and so somehow they have been bunched together. 

Let's say you want to fill your website with as many pages as possible about a particular topic and you have 200 pages but 20 of those pages deal with the same subject matter. It is very possible that an indexing server might want to bunch all these 20 pages together and only show urls from one or two pages when someone conducts a search using the main keywords of that page. What this means in practice is that all those 20 pages are looked upon as repeats of a theme or topic and only a couple of the pages are going to be used in search. It could also mean that you have wasted your time trying to optimize by making more content about the same thing. 

              street artist

                            Street Artists all with similar content

                    SELLING IS A FULL TIME JOB

Let's take an example in life. Suppose you were walking down Leicester Square and you saw a whole bunch of street artists selling portraits. If someone were to make a website or websites about what is going on, they might find that all these artists were somehow bunched together, even though they are not exactly the same. The logic behind this is that they all have "similar content." It means that they are similar enough to be bunched together. We can conclude that in order for one of the artists to break away from the others, they would have to offer something that is unique or should we say dissimilar enough not to be bunched to together with the rest. 


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            How diverse are the services offered in a single location?

I know for a fact that most people have a short attention span and that a lot of people coming to this page might not find it interesting enough to continue reading. If you have read this far, there is probably a reason. Why are people searching the web anyway? One of the reasons is because you want to find ways to increase visitors to your site. If that is you, then you need to think deeply about your website as a whole and what it contains. Are you spending enormous amounts of time building similar pages? Maybe you need to break away from the norm once in a while and do something a little different. Why would you want to do this? The reason you might want to do this is you would like all of your pages to be treated differently. Practically speaking, you don't want to make 20 pages and only get the credit for making one or two. Haha! Is it possible that you have been spending enormous amounts of time focusing on the same thing and imagining that because you have more content that you are going to succeed? Certainly you don't want to waste your time and effort, do you? 

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               What is the difference between advertising & spam? 

Let's take a walk a bit further down the street where we can see Ripley's Believe it or not, the London Underground and some huge displays advertising Sanyo and TDK. Consider the architecture, the temperature (it was very cold that day) and the ethnic groups who are walking the streets. I have never actually sat down and asked one of artists to do a portrait or cartoon for me but I did notice them.

What was I doing in Leicester Square? Well, I went to see a movie. On the way to the movie I was continually reminded of other products and services. Of course I did not use all of those services but I was exposed to them continually. Are these companies and groups of people spamming? Some would say yes! Some would not consider it to be spam. Whatever your viewpoint, you cannot discount the fact that more exposure to more people is going to increase the likelihood of selling something to them in the future. Lets say that you listened to an internet guru who told you that what you need to do is target a particular audience, concentrate only on quality and forget about numbers. Are you going to believe that what he says is true in every case? What if numbers do actually matter? If you have a product or service that could be used by most of the people walking down the street, don't you think that you would want to have as big of an audience as possible? Maybe your audience does not want your product today and therefore you are being told that your marketing tactics are irrelevant but what about tomorrow? Don't you think that if you planted a seed in the mind of your potential customer that you are going to be the one who is more likely going to get their business in the future? How are you going to do this? How far will you be willing to go to achieve this? How long is it going to take? If you have tons of cash to throw around it might not take too long. If you don't, then you need to learn about search engine optimization.