I think McDonalds is great and so many Gamers do too but they just don't want to admit it. Yay! If you don't believe me then see how this gamer included a company logo into his Black Ops! This video should receive a reward from McDonalds for effort and achievement but in any case they receive a reward here because I am showing someone else's content because it is really good. Don't believe this guy for a moment if he tells you he hates McDonalds because I bet he really doesn't!


How many rip offs are currently being sold every day on the internet? One of the most popular ones is the "Google Pays Me etc - Google pays me 128 per hr, Google pays 189 dollars an hour, Google pays me 130 dollars, $150, $500, $1000 and what about the 1200 dollars residual income scam?" Maybe you have heard of that one but know about the others somewhere between lower between 100 to 120 dollars per hour. Where are these ads appearing and why does someone not do something about it? There are tons of other scams and most of them are some form of MLM Multi Level Marketing. Do you want and idea of what they might look like? Just view the Youtube Video below. Although this scam is not the same it is showing us that someone wants us to send some small amount of money first.


Many of them use some simple math to calculate how Google makes them some * dollars per hour and if it is not google it is some other lie. The reason why people do this is because it actually works sometimes on some poor innocent people who don't know any better.

I guess that there are people who want to do something about false advertising

Despite this, the internet also has plenty of true advertising. Basically we need to know more about who we can trust, don't we? I actually don't trust any of them, even if they are the top internet companies but if we see a bargain, we will probably go for it if it is from a trusted company. If an interesting offer is made by a well known company it is probably going to succeed more easily than someone that is unknown. The other day I saw the following offer being made by a trust coffee shop and had no problem opening the door to take them up on their offer. The interesting thing about these offers is that they get you in the door. When you are inside, you might want to buy other items like chocolate chip cookies, muffins, sandwiches and so on. Obviously these offers are also being made to get people familiar with a product and service. LOL!

               true advertising

I have enough money to go and eat or drink almost anywhere. What annoys me most is when you are told that you are going to receive something but in the end you don't. I believe that most websites claiming to be able to help others make more money are doing exactly that! 

                encrypted search

                           EXPOSING PYRAMID SCHEMES 

Most of the false schemes on the internet are actually using an old pyramid selling tactic. Some people call it multi level marketing. To me it is simply a scam. This is because a lot of people will end up selling the scam itself. If you join some of these marketeers you will most likely end up becoming on of their affiliates and your job will be to convince others to sign up and purchase a booklet, CD or some other material. All of these schemes are the same in essence because they are not providing any valuable goods or services. 

                           SELLING SOMETHING OF VALUE 

You might be surprised how many people actually fall for these schemes. If they did not work, then why are people marketing them continually? They know that there is going to be a new sucker born every day. Rather than expose all of the myriads of techniques they employ I believe it would be better to encourage people to sell something that actually has value. Do you know that a human edit directory is still valuable. This is someone has actually verified that the information is correct. I don't think that we will ever see the need to discard human edited directories on the internet. Do you?

                telephone directory 

By the way. If you ever get sick to Death of Black Ops - you always have Race Driver Grid Game Play. Take a look at this battle with a Nissan Silvia in High Definition by a creative person. Remember to eat your Big Mac first before engaging in this exciting race game!