First of all I would like to say that this is not about the advantages of Smart Meters or the positive benefits because there are other sites that deal with those topics. It is about things I have noticed on the internet. There seem to be many positive and negative videos about Smart Meters. What is a Smart Meter? Here is a positive video definition but it seems very broad and not confined to electricity meters only. It seems everyone is building a Smart Meter these days.


Smart Meters have  gotten certain people upset e.g in the State of California where some claim that they are being exposed to forms of harmful radiation. I personally don't want to part of this particular argument and I am sure that Smart Meter Manufacturers all over the world are investigating these claims, improving their products and thinking about their educational and media campaigns. No-one wants to be accused of selling products that are supposedly killing people and whether it is true or not, it is most definitely something that needs to be resolved. There are quite a few people who seem passionately against the meters and they managed to get my attention even though I don't even live in the United States. The internet is a very powerful media platform isn't it? 


If you have any credible information about this issue you are always welcome to leave a link and state your case using my submit form. There seems to be so much confusion on the internet in regards to Smart Meters. I believe this is because some of the definitions that we see on the internet are actually turning people away from wanting to know more. When scientists and engineers get excited about new meter products and systems they can fall into a trap of thinking that everyone understands what they are talking about and I personally believe that certain  technical people should stay far away from the public when giving explanations and justification as to why Smart Meters can benefit them. No-one understands what you are saying if you go too deep into it. Some of the people who have been promoting Smart Meters on videos really scare me to the point that I feel something has gone wrong and it needs to be explained or fixed. I remember watching a Smart Meter video introduction with a guy who seemed like he was selling something from outer space. I don't mean to offend anyone because we need Geeks to make things but I strongly believe that professional sales people might be a better choice when facing the general public. Whoever is right or wrong is not the business of this website but I do think that some of these Smart Meter companies need to seriously think about their sales and marketing strategies and if there is something wrong with the meters then they need to be fixed as soon as possible so that everyone is happy about them. A salesman should always follow up on problems and solve them as quickly as possible. 



                       A Good Salesman can save a Drowning Man!


                          WHY DO WE NEED SMART METERS?

I know that someone could write a book about this and give lectures on related topics like the Smart Grid, Energy Savings, Enterprise Meter Data Management or even go into the minor details of how Advanced Infrastructure  will allow a more effective power distribution, more efficient billing, monitoring and blah blah but that is not interesting to the general public. I personally feel that the public are asking how Smart Meters can save them money, are they safe and will they invade our privacy?.

What do you think? I am interested to see the response to these questions. I realize that Smart Metering might be different in the USA compared to the UK or even China but your input is still important since electricity metering, gas billing and water meter upgrades seem to be the talk of the town right now. Previously this page had a response section but I took it out. You would understand why if you were conversing with me on Twitter.

Since there was little response I decided to have some fun and make a video about Smart Meters for your Body. Here it is. Enjoy!


My guess is that few people actually think about becoming Smart themselves. This is because it is all too easy to give up and resign your mind to something else. The purpose of Smart Meters for your body is actually quite sinister and whether it will actually happen remains to be seen. Someone will have to use their brain to understand what the video is actually about. There is a message to those who struggle with some of the justifications we humans are using for particular technologies.