Sometimes people want to avoid talking about something negative. They tell us to "chill out" or to "take a break" but I honestly feel that this approach can be likened to burying one's head in the sand. People in the world who actually care about things will often find that they are troubled by some of the practices of what I would call "sneaky business." I don't think it would be possible to give a definition of a sneaky business because people can be cheated in millions of ways. 

                         GODADDY IS A GOOD DOMAIN RESELLER

This domain name is registered with a company called Godaddy and I must tell you that I have no affiliation with them except for the banners I am happy to display here and the fact that they helped me obtain this domain name. I am registered with Godaddy so I am practicing what I preach! Take a look at Danica Patrick. Don't you think she looks happy as a Godaddy customer? I have something in common with Danica and that is Godaddy! There is also something else in common we have an that is we are both beautiful people! LOL!  I hope Godaddy can solve your problem if someone else did not!


I am a normal customer who paid the standard price for a unique domain name which is less than buying a ticket to the theatre. I had heard of Godaddy before, but was afraid to use their services because they were cheaper than others. I felt for several years that maybe something was wrong with them because they are cheap. Yes! You won't find anyone who gives you better value for money and for many reasons but I am only discussing a few here. Maybe later I will provide more details depending on the response to this page.

If someone from Godaddy is reading this, please don't be offended because I do not think you are a cheap company. I have not had any problems since signing up with you guys and what impressed me most is that a few months ago I did have a problem but I managed to get a timely answer from someone who was working in your service department. I managed to solve the problem. What was the problem? I had a massive problem trying to transfer a domain name held with another domain name registrar to Godaddy. It took me several hours to figure it out. This is because the other domain name reseller had probably made it really difficult (but not impossible) for someone to conveniently transfer domains. I actually thought about making a video on how to transfer from this company to that company etc but decided not to. I think it is pointless mentioning which company was making my life difficult because I am certain they are not the only ones. In fact I know they are not because I am going to tell you about another company very soon.

                          GODADDY DESERVES YOUR BUSINESS!

Godaddy deserves a true hyperlink from Whois Bid. So here it is GODADDY. This  website currently is a page rank zero website so I don't think my link will help them very much but I am sure they appreciate it.

If I were a Godaddy salesman I would have no problem selling Godaddy services. In fact I decided to post their banners here instead of other affiliates because they deserve it!

I want to thank Godaddy for the pleasant models that appear on my Godaddy account pages because they remind me of nice things. I am married but it does not mean I cannot appreciate beauty.  Yes! There are many reasons why I believe you should use Godaddy and no-one else for your domain names. Here is a list I have compiled.

1. Godaddy has reasonable prices

2. Godaddy has a large customer base so and I don't believe they will be going away very soon like some resellers who disappear overnight.

3. Godaddy allows you to purchase a domain name for several years so that you don't have to worry about paying the fee every year. This site was registered for 10 years. I don't want to be hassled by having to pay every year and Godaddy has given me an option which I value.

4. Godaddy is not running a sneaky Domain Reseller business

5. Godaddy's website is not too difficult to use and navigate to get what you want

6. Godaddy provides channels that allow people to sell premium domain names at reasonable prices.

7. Godaddy cares about security. I cannot tell you how I know this but you will have to trust me on it. Security is not simply just a good Fraud Department (which Godaddy has) but also engineers who make sure everything is safe for users. Take a look at the video on the bottom left just to get a taste of what you can expect from Godaddy.

OK, I could go on and on and I believe that some people reading this might even be suspicious of me thinking that I work for Godaddy. No! Please believe me when I tell you that I have nothing to do with Godaddy. I am using them as an example because when I compare my experiences of Godaddy with certain other domain name resellers it is like black and white, light and darkness, heaven and hell. Yes! I have had such bad experiences with certain domain name resellers that I have no problem taking the time to be a part time cheerleader for Godaddy. Why? Well, it is not just Godaddy that has made me do this. It is those other sneaky domain name resellers who I call TWSNBN which is an acronym for "They who should not be mentioned" Yes! why should I even mention those companies? In mentioning them I am giving them free advertising which they do not deserve like Godaddy deserves! What did those companies do to me to make me into a Godaddy supporter? The next paragraph will tell you a little bit about it.


 Made it extremely difficult to find out how to transfer the domain. They do not give a logical path that people can easily understand. It is like they put some kind of Voodoo on their website to make it so cumbersome to transfer the domain that you decide to give up and simply pay them for the next year's renewal. If you really want to transfer you have spend an evening or maybe even two evenings figuring out how to do it. I can tell that I have done this and when I succeeded to transfer to Godaddy I was elated when Godaddy sent me an automated email telling me that the transfer was successful. YAY!  Maybe Godaddy should add a trumpet sound to the email or a voice that says "Congratulations, you have passed the test!" LOL! Actually CASE #1 was not too bad. I could live with it because it was actually possible to transfer the domain myself. So, I believe that the other company is not too bad but they cannot compete with Godaddy as far as I am concerned.

                     SNEAKY DOMAIN NAME RESELLER CASE #2

This case cannot be forgiven and should be illegal but I figured out that most people simply don't have the time to take legal action, especially when you need more time to be working on your websites and forgetting about domain name problems. Godaddy helps people to forget about their domain names. Oh, I forgot to tell you that they even provide a service that will protect your domain name if you forgot about it. Nice one Godaddy! Busy people can be assured that after they have spent all day working on their websites, they can drive home and spend more time on their websites and not have to worry or become emotional because of sneaky domain name resellers. The following video is an example of a satisfied customer.


Coming back to CASE #2. This company recently bought over a smaller company who was handling certain domain names. Actually, the previous company service was great so it does mean that it is possible for smaller domain name companies to provide a good service. However, it seems that they got bigger and for some reason unknown to me they had to sell out to a larger company. If they had been bought by Godaddy, I don't think there would be a problem but they were bought by a company who does not seem to care about customer service. The former company was handing domain names and hosting. I was informed by the new company that now I am their customer and that nothing would change- but that was a lie. In fact, everything changed. I used to have a control panel where I could login and transfer my domain if I wanted to. Now I don't! Yikes! The other thing is that the control panel is extremely slow so you are likely to give up trying to use it. When you want to find out about how to transfer your domain you have to call a toll free number which passes you to a representative. These representatives are not employees of that company and the new company has farmed everything out to part timers who are actually working from home. I have no problem speaking to part timers from home but you have to wait between 20-30 minutes to get a hold of someone and when you do, it appears that they are not really experienced. The worst thing of all is that just before your domain name expires you are sent a warning that your site is not going to work anymore and if you don't pay within 48 hours everything will stop for you. Since it is too difficult to do anything you obviously want to pay because you don't want to lose business because a website is down.

Here is what is really sneaky...Every other service in that company seems to suck apart from their accounts department. They have a special number where you can call someone to pay a bill. You don't have to wait 20-30 minutes to get a hold of someone in this accounts department but surprisingly every time you call you will find someone immediately picks up the phone and responds and gives you a wide choice of options for payment. They make it so easy for you to pay, they are kind, considerate and helpful in every way. Since you have so many problems trying to do anything, you are forced to pay for the next year. What has happened though is you feel cheated because you feel they are running what I would call "A SNEAKY BUSINESS"

I am sure there are other good companies like Godaddy but since I have not had a problem that they were not willing to help me with in a timely manner I don't feel the need to change.