Nothing really comes free in this world. If you want to do things properly and make a decent profit you will normally have to make an investment. The idea that network providers want to give free services to the world because they feel that the world deserves it is absolutely ridiculous. What is behind programs that market free services is desire for money. People have been scheming since the internet began on the issue of "content" to try and develop programs that will use other people's content to their own benefit. 

What went through their minds are questions like " How can I use what other people do to my benefit?" and "How can I easily take advantage of internet users for my own financial gain?" Some people have become millionaires and billionaires by simply developing a system that relies on content other than their own for their success. I personally don't think much of these companies although I have to use them since everyone decided that using something that is free is the way to go. The problem with these free programs, free websites, free social networks, free email etc etc is that you will find out sooner or later that you really don't have ownership of what you might consider to be your property. If you are thinking about ways to make money on the internet you might want to consider thinking about investing in something you can actually own. What you are legally allowed to own is a domain name and website of your own.


Since you are probably forbidden at this point to sell your social network channel it is pointless to make online calculators for social network dollar values although there seem to be quite a few of them already. What is more realistic is a website price calculator since you have a chance to participate in website sales auctions or a domain name bid. You might tell me that you never want to sell your website or social network channel but that is not really the point. The question really has to do with ownership. If you own your own house, then decorating it and improving it will have a long term value for you. If you don't want to sell your house you can always pass it along to someone else e.g next of kin who might keep it or sell it if they are in some kind of financial trouble. Putting your best content on social network channels increases the selling value of the website that the social network provider owns and it is just like you investing all your time and money decorating and improving a house you do not own but are renting from someone else.

I am not promoting next video because I have nothing to do with the people in that media presentation. I want you to watch the first minute of it if you please because CNN's personal Finance Editor has something to say about the value of something you can rightfully own. See if you can catch the words!


If you missed it then it was Gerri Willis on the cover of the Home Rich Magazine with the title "increasing the value of the biggest investment of your life"

You might say that I should not be using property that we can see, feel and touch to compare with internet property which some people consider to be castles in the sky. Maybe technically they really are castles in the sky but virtual property is selling in the millions and billions. Take a look at how people are always talking about how much this and that social network is worth. Have you ever wondered how their value increases? The way it works is that they convince others that they are giving something for free when the actual long term intention is to use your content to increase their own website value. Unfortunately most people don't understand but if you came here an you suddenly awoke from your slumber in regards to ownership then there is something we can all do.

                              POOR CONTENT REALLY IS KING!

Ho ho ! You probably heard someone say that "rich content is king" but that is so far from the truth. I am going to leave a link to what Wikipedia says today about content farmers. Take a close look and see that mass content is worth a ton of money. Go down to the section talking about "characteristics" on this Wiki Page which will open up in a new window. 

After seeing this, it might encourage you to produce material on your own site and not worry too much about how it turned out. You can worry about that later when your sites improve statistically because a certain content producing company was mentioned on that page who sold their content (although it was farmed content) for $90 Million.

I don't believe this page I have produced is poor content because it can actually help millions of people on the internet place more value on their contributions whether they seem to be poor or good quality. You see the biggest social networks became successful because of everyone's contributions. Simply going and visiting those social network sites is also contributing your time to them. People need to think very deeply about this because the conclusion might change the way you perceive the internet altogether.