There are some Blog owners who write articles about the fact that they do not have any advertising on their site. Someone looking at this from a superficial standpoint might think that they are more noble than the rest. Taking a closer look might reveal something quite awful. It will reveal the hypocrisy of the blog owner. I understand that people need to do things to make money, but to write articles praising one's own blog and making others believe that somehow there is no financial benefit to the owner of the blog can be a terrible deception. Obviously people who do this are not going to like the whoisbid site very much. I personally don't care because life is too short and if we are running a business it is important for us not to be wasting our time. It is not necessary for a blog to have advertising on it to make money because the money being made from the blog is not being made on "that blog"

No! What is happening is that the blog is being used to increase the page rank of other sites which have business concerns. What you might notice by installing an older version of Firefox and using the recommended plugin is that these sites are giving proper links to their friends and useless links to their contributors.


I believe that it is never a good idea to point the finger at anyone in particular but it is certainly helpful to give people the necessary tools to find out things by themselves and make their own conclusions. If you care to install the program mentioned in the video and browse several hundred blogs you will start to see a pattern emerging. Many of these blogs complain about the spam that they get when they allow true hyperlinks (links that follow) and that is their justification for making all the links no follow. However, you will notice by scanning their sites that they have proper links to business concerns. What these people are doing is using their blog to increase the popularity of other business concerns. There is nothing wrong with making a blog to increase the popularity of a business concern but the problem comes when they blog owner starts becoming a hypocrite by telling others there there is no advertising on their site. The blog owner wants people to think that he is doing everything for free and out of concern for the rest of the world but that could be so far from the truth. Of course there are people actually doing things out of passion or a concern but they are difficult to find on the web. When you are able to analyze someone's site you can easily find out who they are actually helping discreetly.

Here are some ways that you can find out everything about a site.

1. Check it's pagerank. You can easily do this by using one of the programs here

2. Spider their whole website to see who they are linking to. You can easily do this by using this program

If you get good at looking for patterns you will easily discover their link wheel


I thought that the above video was quite interesting because in one of the screenshots it shows where the "money site" is. This means that all the other sites were supposedly innocent. I guess there is nothing wrong with SEO or making successful link wheels but it is annoying when someone is actively participating in this and at the same time making out that they are not. Some people will believe what they read on certain blogs and so they will take the time to provide the best content that they possibly can but be unaware that their material is being used for someone else's advantage and not their own. Of course someone could say that there is a nofollow link from that page to our site and people can click on it and visit our site but is anyone going to click on it? 


Most blogs are now about making money. There is nothing wrong with this and I personally think that the video above spells it out except for one thing. The Karma Lady did not mention that you can make a blog to be part of a link wheel that feeds page rank to other sites.