What is SMEM? Well, it could stand for your "Social Media Engagement Metric" which would boil down to how influential you are on social networks. If this were ever to become a basis for website ranking then it could destroy a lot of serious businesses in the world simply because many of the people who run this world do not have time to join hundreds of social network channels and spend all day making themselves popular by blogging, gossiping and commenting about facts and events.


The most important people in the world as far as building the world is concerned are professionals from all walks of life. These professionals need more time to do their job and I do not see them going to be amused if they are going to have to become social in order to make money. The idea is absolutely ridiculous. You do not call an engineer to fix a broken leak in your factory piping because he is social. You call him because he is able to do a job and do it properly. 

Who are you going to call? Are you going to do a search for the someone offering leak detection services and chose the first result that appears on your favorite search engine? Maybe that company is going to charge you far more than you paid in the past because he now has to employ people to spend all day on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, Youtube, Blogger and one hundred other social network sites.

It is not only Web Analytics that you will now be required to learn but also social network analytics. There are companies who offer these kinds of services e.g Postrank but the problem is not analyzing but finding the time to produce enough evidence of activity on social networks. Are you getting the point? 

Where is everyone going to find the time? Well, they are not going to be able to do that and if social engagement becomes a metric for website ranking in search engines then more and more people are going to turn to automation. They are going to get these robots to do the work for them. You guys who make these programs are going to become multi-millionaires if you aren't already and people are going to expect that there will be programs and services available to them that will not be detected as robot activity. No! They want intelligent social media robots that cost more than the others that are easily detected. They want robots that can pretend to be human and remain undetected. 

It is entirely possible to build these robots because in essence the search engine and the social network system is built on computer programs (robots) and so we can make robots fight other robots. We can have our own advanced social media robots working for us and guess what- well, it has already begun. I am seeing more and more robot/non human activity on the internet. Where is it going to lead to ? Well, I produced the next video for your entertainment. I hope it becomes popular enough for enough people to consider that it might be really difficult in the future to be able to distinguish what is true and false traffic on the internet.


If social media is the basis or is going to become the basis for search engine ranking then logically the most important company to any search engine and any business should be Facebook. This is because of it's popularity. This should mean that Facebook becomes the foundation and heart of everything on the internet. It also means that other companies should be considered redundant in the future. I am just speaking my mind and whether or not I am right or wrong does not matter. What matters is that I managed to engage you and get you thinking deeply about it. I personally don't believe it will go this way (not for a very long time) because if it does then a very big company is going to seem very irrelevant unless it overtakes Facebook in the social scene.