What is the future of social media? To me it does not seem very bright from a technical standpoint. This is because of the employment of robots to create websites, do your blogging and even tweet for you. In addition you can literally own your own search engine robot. There are far too many people right now using robots to get ahead. They want to get ahead because they are at war with search engine bots.. or should we say search engine robots. What is going to happen if everyone in the world owns his own "money making machine" and has the idea that working hard to produce your own content is not valuable anymore? This site I am producing is 100% unique content. It is absolutely packed with uniqueness but I am in a war with robots and ranking algorithms that work against me. I see robots copying my site content only seconds after I have uploaded it. I am not sure that search engines are fast enough and clever enough to help new websites like this. They probably spend their time protecting older things. What about the new sites and the new people? I want to tell you that their struggle is 1000X more difficult than someone who started off many years ago. There is no advertising on this page because this comes from me to you. Enjoy the video!