Did you know that no-one really cares about social networks? Most people are using them just to keep in touch with people they know or to find people who they used to know. Maybe some people want to chat or play games but most definitely you can forget about using them to make any hard cash. No! serious business websites are still King of the Road and Google is still the Leader. Even in advertising they are number #1. There is no way you can escape this truth and even Groupon seem to be using adwords like never before! That is my experience anyway! I feel that most of those people writing about how social media is mandatory for your business in 2011 are liars. They are trying to sell us something that does not really exist for most people. Notice I said  "for most people"

Who knows, maybe one day it will be true but for now I can tell you that social media is not going to help most people make money. There is still time for you to think about it and there is no need to panic just quite yet. I believe that most companies are currently in an experimental stage with this new media and that most of them are still relying on their traditional websites. If you want to leave some feedback about where you are right now you can leave it at the bottom of this page.


                     100% OF SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS ARE LIARS

What has our social life got to do with business? I guess a "social" businessman you will know about some of the social games a large percentage of businessmen play with each other. They are not interested in what is contained in your Facebook account- No! Some might be interested if you take them for lunch at a five star hotel, maybe some drinks later on and of course lets not forget the fact that a large percentage of businessmen visit Titty and Go-Go Bars. Those who want more than this will be after something even more exotic. Take this guy called "Joe" as an example. He claims to be a social media expert but in reality what is it that he really wants. Well, you can watch the video and if you don't know the answer you need to step back and think very deeply!


I leave it to your imagination to think about what that is and whether or not it interferes with your values. It's not so bad if you really look around because there are still businessmen who don't need to get involved with other people in a social way in order to conduct their business. These men work hard and build proper companies, proper offices and proper services that meet the needs of their clients. The personality is secondary because what is important is ability, experience, hard work and performance. 



There is something called an Office. An office is a place that has been designed for business. People don't normally behave the same way in an office as they would in their homes. My home is for relaxing and spending time with my family (well, that should be my target) and my office is a place where I want to try and be serious. If I had no choice I would run my office from home but given the choice I want a separation. Running an active business is not always easy. You can't hide behind a social network profile image showing your best set of teeth. Come on Folks! Lets think about it! If you have made an office in your kitchen then good luck to you but I think that the basement is a better idea if you are fortunate to have one. That way at least there will be some physical separation. If you want to be a walking office then that is up to you, but not everyone wants to be in "buy , sell or even bid mode" all day..! LOL!

                          OFFICE FOR "WE" AND SOCIAL FOR "I"

There is also something called a company. Normally a company is situated in an Office ( I am laughing ) and when you write a business letter to others you will refer to the company as "we." If you are talking for example about your company property, you will refer to it as "our property." In most circles it has been the tradition to operate as such and you will not find people officially saying "my property" when writing to others in business from a company perspective.  Even if you operate your company in your home, you will probably use "we" if you are writing officially to another business or even a person. I am not against someone running a part time business from home. There are tons of people doing this but even these people need to operate officially and keep company things separate from home things.


If you have read what was above, you will understand why I believe social networks should be treated with a pinch of salt for business. The social network (especially those that require photos ) is "I" and not "we." It is sending a message to others that "I" and only "I" do business and in order for you to trust me you need to know more about "my" social values. You need to see pictures of my Grandma, my wife, my kids, my home and even my dog! In order for me to succeed I have to show you my social values. Who cares about whether I can promise to deliver the goods. I gave you a nice song and dance, a beautiful profile picture and a video of my me taking the kids to Disneyland. 


Please read carefully! No-one cares about your business values. No! They should care about your business practices. What practices? The practice of being able to provide something that you have on offer whether it be goods or services. If you are going down to the shop to buy something you need, do you really care about whether or not the shop seller has a good Facebook profile? Do you care about their hobbies? No! You simply want him or her to be able to provide what you need whether the reason for buying was price, quality, name brand or delivery. You need to show that you have invested time and/or money in something that meets people's needs. If you can give service with a smile and have a nice personality then that is even better.

Woohoo.. someone responded!

You have an interesting point; however we believe that you are looking at this whole social media subject in a negative light. Social Media should not be used to cram as much spam down people’s throats, but if used in a proper way- people can see your products and have the option to read more about whatever services you may be providing. True Social Media is primarily used to keep up with friends and interests, and it should remain that way. But with so many people using it in their everyday lives- such as telling people about experiences that they may have had at a particular business. The business owner should have a chance to apologize or make amends to their consumers to show character and not just operate like a machine. Show people that we are human and respect their opinions. The only issue people should have with Social Media is data miners, companies that gather information on you from social media websites about your habits, friends, name and location. Now 
that’s scary, that’s why OUR social media platform for our site is completely anonymous.
So be careful as to what you post on your pages and where you post it, they are out there – along with creeps that may not have the best intentions and may cause you harm in one way or another.

Check us out come March 2011 and let us know what you think.