I do not currently believe that social networks are an effective way for companies to do serious business. Please listen carefully because I used the word "serious."

              twitter business

Of course, you can build your social network and join any number of affiliates who will get you to sell some insurance plan, overpriced jewelry or maybe a new kind of soap made from scented palm oil. Let's not forget the increasing number of health, wealth and prosperity products that are also on offer by joining some sort of pyramid scheme. Despite this, we are being told in 2011 that if we are going to lose everything if we don't sell through Facebook and Twitter. Don't you know that a lot of advertising works on the fear factor? Yes! Keep advertising that you are going to die or lose something of great value if you don't sign up to this or that! I am a Twitter fan and have written about how you can make money on Twitter but if you read between the lines you will see in 2011 there aren't really any serious money makers on Facebook or Twitter. Of course there is going to be the odd case now and again where someone is telling us about a stack of cash they are making but it is not the norm. In fact, social networks are being used by a multiple of pyramid schemers to get followers to sell - well, to sell their schemes! Why would you want to be roped into some awful social network where people pretend to be your friends but only want you to be their slave? Yes! Become a slave and sell their "How I became successful" nonsense. We already have enough of this in book stores, don't we? I personally don't get any benefit whatsoever from reading those kinds of books because more then 99% of the readers never become successful. All they become is an expert on books that teach success but not success itself.

                       GOOGLE AND WEBSITES STILL REIGN

Did you know that if you follow a personality on Facebook or Twitter that you could actually following a one man show? There is nothing wrong with following a one man show, but if he is pretending that he has vast resources at his disposal when he does not, it is deceptive advertising.

There is nothing wrong with a one man show but it is better let people know your capabilities and limitations unless you have other people in your business who are able to handle enquiries from prospective buyers of your products and services. You see a company has traditionally been "We" and not "I" and if you are doing business with a company, you are going to paid by that company and not an individual.  Yes! Companies have more money and deeper pockets than individuals. Whether or not you like the company is another question, but  you cannot escape from the fact companies are more likely to be trusted more than individuals. If you don't believe this, then just do a survey over the next few days. Go and ask people where they buy things from. Most of them are going to tell you that they do a search in Google for a product or services, visit the website and then buy from that website. This means that search engine optimization for your website is still far more important than social networks. I know that this could change one day but it hasn't happened yet on any big scale.

                       COMPANIES WHO INVEST IN PEOPLE

Some particular business owners might find social networks to be annoying because of the fact that they have invested their time and money building a company that is capable of handling a large amount of business more efficiently than any individual could. This means that they have invested in people. A large company will have different departments and a wide range of skill sets e.g sales, marketing, service, accounts, shipping and others depending on the nature of the business. The point is that these companies have invested money into their business while individuals might be operating their business on a shoe string budget. Companies also have more financial resources than individuals. When asked about the worth of a website or a social network, getting the right answer might require your time in doing research beyond what is shown on the internet. You probably need to visit their offices to see if they are for real. A company does not necessarily need to be "social" in order to be successful. A lot of companies succeed because they are able to deliver what they have promised. This means that "capability" could be more important than "social presence" 

Whatever we think in 2011. It is still necessary to work on your website and not allow the social media hype to distract you to the point where you are no longer developing it.