There are many Nail Enthusiasts all over the world who are looking for those new ideas which make them stand out in a crowd as someone who has something unique on their finger nails. Yes! You have already done your Hello Kitty Nails and have messed around with Lady Gaga Nail Designs but there is one thing that you might not of considered and this is where science and nailart come together. Have you ever tried to do the Mythbuster Nails? Here is a video for you if you are that way inclined.


Myth busting requires an appreciation and usage of Science. What kind of person would want to have an investigative logo on their nails? Have you ever seen someone in real life display their nails in such a fashion? My guess is that someone who comes to this nail art tutorial page will probably not produce  another Myth Busting Nail video but it might give you the inspiration you need to start getting involved in a new concept.

Take a look at this totally unique concept in the next video. It does not show the art on nails but the video producers have an artistic ability which could easily be translated to nails. These kinds of videos are unique because they are attempting to do something that few people are doing right now but it is entirely possibly that trends could change and all of sudden you will find Youtube flooded with scientific and technical nails. Watch the video to see what I mean about the combination of Art/Science


Please note something about Art in History which tells us that many of the most venerated artists in the world were not actually popular in their own time. Some of them managed to introduce new ideas that the world was not ready for. This did not stop them and it certainly should not stop you from doing something out of the ordinary with your Nails.

There is another twist to this. Ha! Is it possible that women all over the world who love nail art might want to consider communicating a hidden message with their nails? Don't you know that some of the most brilliant artists in the world had something to say but probably few people were listening to them because the subject matter on its own might not seem interesting at a first glance. In fact, some artists have hidden something extremely valuable in their art which cannot be deciphered unless you have gone through the experiences that this particular artist has gone through.

What about the video above? Can you not see that the artist is trying to communicate something very technical through his/her work. Is it possible that a new trend in Mystery or Puzzle Nails could begin? Oh! What on earth is a puzzle nail? Is it simply nail art that has a crossword puzzle on nails

The answer is the the puzzle nails can actually be a quiz, a parable, a hidden message on your nails. What sort of message do you want to give? Let me give you some ideas. 


Lets say that you secretly love someone and you want to see if they noticed that you are paying attention to them. You want them to figure it out by seeing something on your nails. To tell them things directly  may not be as powerful. Why not leave clues about your feelings on your nails and see if the one you desire notices? Put something on your nails that has to do with him and his life. If he is a high court judge then maybe put the Gavel on your nails as an example.

In the above video it is obvious that there is a man who has something to do with a casino. It is all a bit mysterious and so is the woman who is in love with this man. She is interested in this man and proves it by the fact that she knows what a Royal Flush is. If you have ever had a Royal Flush in a serious card game you will probably feel you need to check and re-check that it is true. Yes! You managed to do it but you have to pinch yourself and ask yourself if you are dreaming or if your eyes are deceiving you ? Maybe someone knows about it and you shared your good news with them because the chances of getting the cards in that exact combination are extremely rare and most people will probably never see it happen in their lifetime. I think there is more chance of getting a hole in one in a golf game than getting this extremely powerful winning combination in cards. If you did get it then your lover might be happy for you. She might want you to stop gambling and to put the money in the bank..LOL!... Maybe she will give you a special name and call you her "Ace of Diamonds" and to show the fact that she was interested in some of the things that you are involved in she does her nail art like the one in the next video except instead of hearts she uses diamonds and specifically the Ace of Diamonds.