If you have a specialty in a certain subject but you have never tried to make a website about your speciality, you might be surprised that if you took the time to make a unique content website about 'your speciality' there will most definitely be an audience who are not only looking for people like you but who also want to know how special you are.

They want to be challenged!  Isn't it true that someone who specializes in a particular subject can become stagnant when he has learned so much that he is not able to communicate much of it to others- simply because he has not found many people who are interested in his speciality or who are up to his standard?  Let me ask you a question, what do we know about the Bridal Hairdressing business?  Someone in this business is probably asking "who else knows more about how to market these kinds of specialist services on the net?"  Of course there is going to be someone in the world who is probably older and greater than you in your speciality but where are they?  Well, there are probably many of them, considering the current population of the world is in the billions. The internet is a way to run into those people.  Isn't it fun to see someone who is greater than you are?  Then you finally have a challenge! You have met your match! Why is it common that someone spearheading a successful company might be interested in some of his competitors? Is it not because of the fact he is a leader who is always being followed? He meets his competitor and he is humbled and feels alive again. Being good or the best at something can sometimes be an extremely lonely path. Most people in the world simply want to follow others but some of us don't want to follow anyone.

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When you have a speciality that very few people have and you are normally surrounded by people who do not have a clue or an interest in your specialty, you might feel that the more specialist you become, the more invisible you become too. 

If you then start to pen your true experiences and ideas on the internet ( even if you want to keep your anonymity ) you might be surprised at how many people are interested in what you have to say or show them. You might be helping someone else who has thought in a similar way to you. Maybe you made someone feel more complete by simply revealing something that is normally hidden from general view but perceived only by those who have taken the time to look more closely. Looking closely at something might involve some form of  suffering to the one who is searching. Why? Because every grain of truth must be sifted from the sand. Most of the world that you see on the internet does not live in reality and to discover truth is painful. It is painful because the writing on the wall (or on the internet) seems to be pointing in another direction. Well, not all of the internet. It is amazing how much disinformation currently exists on the internet. The other day I was looking at something from a specialist website (something unrelated to WHOIS BID) and was surprised at how a whole community of people could be deceived about their own speciality. I figured that the reason for this was because many of them were being employed by a particularly large company who had their own agenda and own interests. This meant that the people building this information portal all had the same rubbish coming out of their mouths. There was nothing unique about them, simply that had become assimilated into some kind of cult which would not allow anyone to endanger the supposed facts on their speciality. No, because they believed that what they said was also written on stone! LOL!

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Think about this! If someone is unique, it is not going to be just like others. It will not want to mimic others. It may find good qualities in others that it wishes to emulate as part of its expression but it does not want to be a carbon copy of something else. It wants freedom of expression and part of the discovery of this freedom of expression is coming to a realization that it is normally not free. If you are building websites, you will want to be free to express yourself as best as you can but there will be things that you might want to know about domains and search engines that will accelerate the speed at which your message gets across to others. This website - WHOIS BID has been  designed for "the rest of us" who are not experts on SEO or building traffic . We present information in very clear and simple formats. We are not giving a list of what you need to do as every case is different but we hope to be able to inspire some of "the rest of us" who feel stuck and unable to make their next move. Spend some time on our website if that is you and try some new things. Yes, a change can be as good as a rest! Good luck to you! If you want to follow our progress just for a matter of interest you can bookmark the page we have developed on search engine spiders