I was going to title this page "glasses" but then I remembered that glass and glasses could mean anything. Maybe eyeglasses is a better word. What am I hoping to achieve in writing about a subject that is most likely a multi-billion dollar industry and has little to do with whois bid? Well, some people now need eyeglasses and I am going to talk about those people who only discovered this more recently. I have a question for those who do eye tests. You see, I know of someone who should of been wearing eyeglasses a long time ago. He went to get his eyes checked several times over a period of about a decade. However, each time he went to get his eyes checked there was no need for glasses. Actually he felt that there was, but the tests revealed it was unnecessary. I somehow feel it is possible that he was so unlucky with the opticians he came across in that period of time. 

                              GLASSES AND EYE TESTS

When this person got his first pair of glasses he was able to read for the first time in his life. Of course he was able to read before, but he felt that most of his life had been a struggle. He had never been able to enjoy reading , even as a teen. This is because he could not concentrate. There was something wrong and he could never put his finger on it. He always felt tired when reading books, even though he had no problems focusing. Did this person need eyeglasses or formally what is known as spectacles. As I mentioned earlier he had done the right thing and had his eyes checked by an optician. He managed to pass all those tests with flying colours but he was never satisfied and always thought that he really did need glasses. I have no idea why this happened to this particular fellow and whether or not his bad luck had somehow led him to the wrong opticians but he did eventually end up having to wear eyeglasses  later on when his sight got far worse. This fellow reports that after he was given his first pair of eyeglasses with the lowest magnification lens he felt he had grown eyes and that he was discovering a part of his body that he thought was always weak when actually it was strong enough with eyeglasses. He began reading like nobody's business because he had found new friends in his lenses. He was discovering a new world at a later stage in his life. This is a true story and who this person is does not really matter as long as it is true.


I have not packed this page with all kinds of definitions related to sight, glasses, spectacles, short sighted, long sighted etc etc. You can search Wikipedia for that. This is because I am writing about the fellow in the first paragraph who had his eyes checked but was never given a recommendation to wear glasses. What are some of the options for these people in the current time? I think it might be a good idea for every mobile phone to be able to download an application which would enable him to do some quick tests on his own. The following is a video of a Palm OS system which gave me some ideas. Maybe it is possible to download this app on my own cell phone but I have been able to find it. Does it exist for me? Surely someone who is an expert in these matters or is developing these applications for people who will need to wear glasses can tell us. Where are they? Maybe one of them made the following video. Who knows?


Don't you think what these people are doing is amazing? To end this I would like to add something else. Now that this fellow has been using eye glasses he has another problem. He needs to keep buying new glasses because all the ones he uses fall apart after a few weeks or months. The eye pieces fall out, the screws become loose or the glasses get bent and become unusable. He remembers meeting someone who showed him a pair of super glasses that are virtually indestructible. He wonders who makes these and how much they cost and if he can buy these glasses online because he is very busy and does not have time to go to a shop. LOL!