Today I was surfing the web and seeing what some people had to say about Squidoo. Most of these people were bloggers. Some people were happy with Squidoo while others were upset. I personally think that Squidoo is great for technical reasons. If you don't understand the technical reasons and how most blogs and social networks are deceiving people by not giving them credit for their contributions, then see what I have to say about backlinks and after you are able to use that program I describe in that page, you can use it to test social network sites and blog links to see which ones are deceiving you by not rewarding you for your contributions. Stay away from deceptive websites, deceptive blogs and social networks, even if they are extremely popular. They are wasting your time. Deceptive websites do not tell you about the fact that their links are useless and do not increase your website value. If I have convinced you through the evidence, then don't waste your time on those other places that do not give you proper credit for your contributions and instead simply join Squidoo


I did not really think much of the people who had bad things about Squidoo because I just voluntarily wrote a lens on Squidoo itself about why Squidoo is better and it had a lot to do with the way it has been designed to educate people. I don't care about these Squidoo vs HubPages arguments because I am  not comparing them. I think that Squidoo is so far ahead in the area of education and useful things for Parents and Kids that it would be ridiculous to even think about a HubPages vs Squidoo argument. Squidoo wins by far and there is no way that HubPages comes close. My lens on Squidoo will convince a parent why it is better.

fun education

Some of the people who were upset with Squidoo claimed that they had lost some of their search engine rankings for their articles (which Squidoo calls Lenses) but they should understand......

What should they understand? I am going to tell you about another site which someone owns and it is a also a great site like Squidoo. Recently this site lost about 20-25% of it's normal amount of visitors after a recent search engine algorithm update that was supposed to filter out spam and increase search engine results relevancy. The owners of that site lost rankings for major keywords which they used to have top rankings for. Fortunately there are a lot of people know this website and like it because it is very useful. The site will not die, even if it loses 50% of it's traffic. Here is something funny about what happened. The owners of the site did not believe that the search engine had gone through the whole website before their update. They do not believe that the search engine was thorough enough. They believe that the search engine was only looking at the index page and a few other pages to make this decision. What they did was to remove about 40% of the material on the index page and what happened overnight is that they got their rankings back. Search engine ranking is now just a game of chance and dice throwing. It does not matter how relevant actually is so if we actually like a website then we should not judge it by it's rankings in search engines because search engines cannot be trust at all to make those kinds of decisions. We should support the sites we like and forget about what ranking a search engine gives them.


I like Squidoo and think that people should support it by visiting it and making lenses. We should also give links to Squidoo pages and Squidoo itself because I believe that what they offer is far superior to anything that Google, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter could offer to Parents and Families. The people on there seem to be mostly high quality and courteous individuals who are ready to encourage you if you want to start writing about things that you have a feeling for. 

I also believe that the people who design the Squidoo website are intelligent people who understand how youngsters (we are all youngsters if we want to be) always need encouragement and support and you have to try it to know what I am talking about. I certainly don't want to spoil it for you. 

On top of this you have the choice to make some money for yourself and if you don't want the money you can always donate it to charity. Squidoo give you an option to chose which charity you would like to donate to. There are so many people on Squidoo who have written articles which have produced money but they have given it to charity. Does that not tell you why Squidoo might be so far ahead of everyone else? 

People are also finding my website because of Squidoo. Yay! Long live Squidoo!