One of the frustrations construction companies and fabricators always face is reliable suppliers of steel products. Just look around you, you will see how much steel products are part of our everyday lives. Some could say that we already have enough web portals with details of suppliers but if you are purchasing steel, steel alloys or other metals even special steels like Duplex Stainless Steel and even more expensive Titanium based metals you will know about regular price fluctuations. The steel industry is absolutely enormous and I personally believe that there is always room for more specialist sites dealing with steel products. As I mentioned earlier, one of the things that people always need is good suppliers. 


                Lloyds of London - A massive Steel Construction

I am not just talking about steel supply to construction companies but a whole host of products that surround industry in general. You see it is not just the steel itself but what people do with it too. There is no end to the steel applications and those who are familiar with steel casting know how lucrative it is from turbine wheels, forge presses, heavy duty gears, frames, mining machines, heavy duty construction equipment, mining applications and even the marine industry. I could go on and on!


Take a look at the steel crane in the above image. You can see that even working with steel needs steel cranes to lift large lengths of steel plate and supports. I personally believe that Twitter , if used properly could actually compliment groups of people who are constantly looking for new suppliers, better prices or even better deliveries. 

                           STEEL PRODUCTS WEB PORTALS

One of the things I intend to do on this website is inspire people to see that the possibilities on the web are still not exhausted. How many products are related to steel? You can get word ideas and see for yourself. Let's just take a quick look with what I immediately came up with? I got other words like steel brand, alloy, blade, sword and sharpener. Even if we only took one of the words like "sword" we could probably spend a lifetime making a website just about steel swords. Do we really know how many types and variations of this particular steel product exist?

             steel box

Let's come back to this famous steel structure again. Just take a look at the post boxes. What are they made of? What about the vehicle? Can you see what I am getting at. Post boxes, castings, forgings, auto parts, pipes, ducts and vents, welding and the whole shabam. Who is going to be able to specialize in all these topics under one roof? I don't think it is really possible. That is why there is always room for more specialist websites to come into the picture. If you your website is actually verifying your steel supplier manufacturers and traders, even better. If you have ever bought any amount of stainless steel, for e.g plate or pipes, you will know that it comes in lengths. Stockists can make money by purchasing larger quantities and lengths and selling shorter and smaller quantities to people who don't need that much. You can start a machine shop, hire a few welders and then you have become a small fabrication company. Even steel machine shops differ and there is room for hundreds of different types of shops from standard lathe techniques, milling machines and even advanced CNC. The point is that there is still so much room for specialist sites.

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