What kind of picture would you have in your mind about someone who was in the Royalty Free Image business? What kind of images do content farms  with an incredibly high scraper ratio have of these folk? Are the Stock Photo people responsible for scaring webmasters into believing that they are going to suffer the consequences if they copy images from other websites and don't buy pictures and images from them? My recent web statistics show me that people are searching for things like "what happens if I copy an image from a website?" and also "does the website know if I have copied an image?" Surely if people are finding my website through these search terms they most likely have a wrong idea about some of the folks who understand the questions being asked. Let's hope  some of the folk who give you options to download their pictures have something to offer you so that you don't have to copy those low quality generic images from unknown websites anymore. No! They can give you high quality resolution images if you need them and at a reasonable price.

               low resolution photo

               If you want to remove the watermark it will cost you!

I don't think that I am going to sell the image above and you probably would not want to buy it because it is corrupted..LOL!  Why waste time trying to remove the watermark from it? Why don't you simply ask me for the original and I will give it to you or alternatively contact someone who can offer you something better that saves you time. However, there is a problem that you might encounter when you use photo services that have uploaded certain pictures that contain an inappropriate image name, alt tag or description. I have encountered this often and hope that some who is making money selling photographs for next years calender might be able to slow down their shutter speed and take a closer look through the camera lens I am providing you for free.  What is it? It could be one of the reasons why someone who was happy to use your service ended up taking something from somewhere else who did not give permission to download it. Do you want to know? OK, I will have mercy on you tell you that thousands of Stock Photography Images need more user input as to what they actually are or could be. I have performed image search on some of these sites and found that I cannot locate the graphics I need for my project because they do not exist in your collections.  


Actually I think they do but it takes an enormous amount of time trying different keywords when searching images to locate the picture I want. You guys know what I am talking about and if you don't then you can always capture my thoughts by going here. I know that these pages are not the best graphical design but that is not the intention. I am not using Photoshop or any sophisticated type of program but  if I am able to give a better perspective on the situation from beginning to end then you can always consider giving me a free digital camera...Oh! I am kidding! I have too many of them and the worst thing about them is I cannot find the adaptors for some of them. There must be a special place in the world where everyone's connectors and adaptors are being stored because they are not in my house or office! If you don't succeed in the Stock Photo Business I guess you can always become a salesman and solve this problem. BTW, that is what the article in the hyperlink is actually about. I think it is better not to create problems that don't exist and what I have mentioned about struggles finding the right photo is valid. 

Lets hope they are going to be more and more creative ideas for people to help  people trying to sell or make money on the web. I believe that we can make it our business to educate clients and give it our best shot in trying to present a better picture of the situation and bring more light to the matter. If photographers spend so much time thinking about what angle or lighting is required for a professional photo shoot, they most likely are also able to think about the degree of ignorance that a large percentage of internet users might have on the subject of Royalty Free Images. They know that it is not always a black and white situation and they will probably want to throw more color into their presentation so that people won't imagine that they are narrow minded. Let's hope that they are taking a wide angle approach to some of the doubts and fears that surround those who have never had to think about these things until now.  When they do think about we must some answers for them. I am not in your business but I do have some answers for you and these are factual not opinions. I put some of them in the following media presentation. I know your questions and I have some answers but this site is not normal. It was never meant to be. I hope you find one answer in my media presentation.


Where can we find out more about people selling the best graphics or vector graphics ?  Do they have to be the best or do we want to do business with someone we feel comfortable with? I think that it is necessary for the people who provide royalty free images to reach out to many of us and explain the advantages and probably some disadvantages of using these services. Who needs royalty free images? What do they cost? Will I get a discount on the pictures, images or even cartoons if I buy more? Do you provide special pics on a one time shot that I can own? How can I find a picture that does not appear in your search? Will you reward me somehow if I manage to help identify a ton of unknown photos? Is there some way to be affiliated with you without having to become a photographer and so on! I don't expect anyone to answer all of these questions at once but you can always say hello to Whoisbid or join him on Twitter.

woohoo Arena Strikes Again!

The Stock Image Guru

Tineye is just one of many tools being used to find out where images have been used, after being either sold (or stolen) 

I just launched my own website to sell my RF images direct. I've always sold through major microstock agencies but I love having the option of being able to selling images directly as well. I have that right, as a non-exclusive contributor. Many of the agencies are cutting commissions to us artists, so this is all we can do to try and stay ahead of the curve. Good SEO is probably the only way I have a chance of making any sales on my own. I'm just hoping I can pick up a few buyers here or there, which will slowly build brand awareness.

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Actually I have stepped out of the Matrix LOL! I am no longer using dreaded third party programs which don't give anyone even a drop of link juice with their useless nofollow links. Muhaha!

If this is confusing to anyone then please let me explain. I am now asking people to get in touch with me using my submit page and in return for your uniqueness you will receive what the lady is talking about.