Today I was challenged with the thoughts of what kind of costs might be involved in the building of a reasonably sized swimming pool (If you don't like reading, just skip this and watch the videos on how make a swimming pool) 

I am sure that there are plenty of people asking the same question. I think that building a half decent swimming pool would certainly not be something that some should rush into. The reason I say this is because there have probably been some of us who have embarked on swimming pool construction only to find out that it cost us far more money than originally estimated and even landscaping costs are not cheap. When people go for a swim at the public baths or at friend's house are they every thinking about how much was paid for the design and construction of the pool and what are the current maintenance costs? I don't believe that most people will be asking these sorts of questions unless they are some sort of businessman. Sometimes people might accuse a businessman of thinking about money too often but in reality the accusers are people who have never had to pay for these things or suffer the consequences if a wrong calculation on overall price was made, let alone considerations on maintenance fees.

             swimming pool

                      How great is this pool going to be?

A casual observer might only be thinking about how big the pool is and equate the cost of making it according to size but there are so many things that also need to be considered. I am going to mention some of them. If I have left something out, then those who have more experience and expertise in this field are welcome to comment with additional considerations.

             volume of water

              Looking at it only from the surface can be deceiving!

What about the huge volume of water needed to fill the pool? If we are going to supply adequate water, where are we going to get it from and what is the current price per cubic meter supplied by the municipal water authority?

              municipal water

      Is your Water Council using A Woltman Water Meter to bill you?

Maybe you don't think in metric terms if you live in a place like the United States so we would have to use imperial/english weights and measures to join in the discussion. Maybe an imperial to metric volume converter would help an American to speak in M3/Meter Cubed and a German to speak in FT3/Foot Cubed. Maybe you are using Gallons of Water instead. We could end this argument by using a Wiki definition of Gallon. My point is that  if a swimming  pool seo was responsible for marketing a product that had international appeal  he would probably need to make sure that local sites targeting specific regions were following the popular protocol i.e. why tell an American that your swimming pool products shop is only 1.6 kilometers away from where he lives when he is familiar with the fact it is only 1 mile. Maybe this is too much for you to think about right now and you need to take a deep breath and watch the great entertainer Mr. John Cleese who also happens to be a top salesman.


Did you know that English people tend to spend enormous amounts of time arguing finer points while Americans seem to prefer a quick fix solution? Who is right? I could be diplomatic and say probably something in between. What about the other considerations? I think we would have to be concerned about how we are going to chlorinate the water knowing that chlorine is extremely corrosive. What is it going to cost for the corrosion resistant pool pump, what type of pump is it going to be? Does someone have an idea which pump is less likely to require maintenance and what is it's life cycle? Let's not forget that we also have to buy some valves. Are you going to use Gate, Globe, Check or Ball? Where are you going to put them? What kind of system is going to tell you when there is a problem with the chlorine levels or flow rates? Surely you don't want to have a pool full of murky water and end up wasting time draining the pool and starting over again. How much does electricity cost in your area? I think that this is beginning to sound like a major engineering project already. Surely specialist websites have thought about this already and have a way to calculate the costs including the cost of ownership. I am not even mentioning heated pools am I?

              pump house protection

              If we have a pump house are we going to add security?

 I must tell you a secret about my youth. When I was about 11 I told my parents I was staying over at friend's house and he did the same with his. Actually we wanted to explore the local town at night and when we came back to his house we found that the only place we could hide was the open pump house. Maybe this is enough reason for someone to think about pump house security.

              swimming pool saftey

                   Swimming Pool Areas with slippery materials

Now that I am talking about security ( I did not even mention CCTV Cameras) what about safety? What materials are we going to use for the pool area floor? What are the non slip options available or are simply going to use stone? What if there is no lifeguard? It is very common for pools not have lifeguards. I took a picture of the last pool I visited. Look at No.3 and see for yourself.

              no lifeguard

               Swimming Pools need far more attention these days

I am curious to know what are the first things that come into the mind of someone who is an experienced swimming pool designer and constructor. What are the main considerations and do you have a proven method of success in calculating what the final costs will be be for different sized pools using various designs and systems. Let's say I am a potential client. How will you convince me that I should do it through your company? Should I do it myself and only have you supply the pool equipment and accessories? What if I want special lighting, can you provide me with it? 

              kids pool

                                 Kids love swimming pools!

I can't image it is an easy task to build and maintain a decent swimming pool that is going to be appealing, safe and clean at the same time. I have seen many pools fall into a bad state. If you have successfully built one before or are in the pool business you are welcome to point us in the right direction. I rarely ever see kids get bored at the swimming pool. It's a great thing for them and it is probably better for them not to know about the pool business until they are ready.