You may of heard an seo talking about target ads or relevant adverts but I think that people need to explore this concept further since more recently we have seen technological advances in home user appliances, mobile phones and even billing devices like Smart Meters. If you are in the sensor business you will know that over the last ten years that considerable advances have been made in the way that a PCB and the electronic components are manufactured.



It is now possible not only to make things fit into a smaller surface area or volume but you can also make them cheaper if you have enough quantity. There is a huge difference in price between manufacturing for e.g ten sets of prototypes and 100,000 in final PCB production run. This all means that consumers now have more access to devices that monitor and report changes in their internal or external surroundings and we can expect that in due course they are going to be even more available.  Single element sensing devices are now competing with devices being manufactured with multiple sensing capability. These products are not only able to measure changes around us but also report them or control a process or sequence. When these sensors/meters/controllers are combined with software that is connected to third party advertising it will be possible to connect with users in a more direct manner and deliver far more effective advertising directly to the home, office or even when they are outside. Here are some examples for your consideration.


Those believing that success is determined by science which is in fact a keyphrase in the movie embedded here might be candidates for new products that monitor and track their body processes and their habits in order to increase their competitiveness. Of course there are already products that do this but they are not normally serving targeted adverts that the users might be interested in. In order to explain what I am talking about I am going to give you an example of a man we can call Joe. For the record, I actually don't want this and am wondering if other people the same way too. I personally feel that too much science and information can actually prevent someone from being human.

Joe's house and his body are hooked up to multi sensors with a connection to his favorite internet channel which gives him free advice. Joe is not paying for the sensors, the systems, or the advice but accepts that in order to use this service he must accept that occasionally he will be exposed to advertisements from selected sponsors. Joe has the sensors in his bedroom monitoring heart rate, room temperature, body temperature, breathing rate, frequency of snoring, body movement and eyelid movement by sensors . He wakes up one   morning and the computer has calculated that he is losing more hair than normal. Joe is then asked by the computer whether or not he is concerned about hair loss. Joe affirms the computer that he is. After that, he is given access to scientific facts about alopecia and orders the latest chemicals or pills to try and limit the loss. Over the next few weeks Joe will be able to determine if the product was successful because his computer system is now monitoring the effectiveness. If the product he is using does not work, he can always ask the computer to recommend another.

Before breakfast Joe wants to take a warm shower but the computer connected to the Smart Energy Meter and electric water boiler has decided that his electricity bill might be a bit high for that particular month and so it tells Joe about it. A voice asks him if he is interested to conserve more electricity and what the predicted savings will be if Joe takes a cold shower instead. The Smart Meter and Computer also give Joe an option to take a shower later on when electricity is not at peak demand. Adverts are also delivered to Joe about a new system that is more efficient and could replace his existing one and allow him to take more hot showers, more frequently and at the same price. Obviously it would be rude for these ads to be delivered every time Joe does something and we need to consider how these systems might affect Joe's mental health and happiness.