I know how to teach people about a particular topic, even teachers. What am I teaching? It is probably something most people don't have a clue about and are not qualified to comment on simply because they have no experience. The same principle might apply to what you are good at too. If you don't like the topic of this website it will be for me like teaching someone who is not interested. However, I might be interested in what you know and if I am, then I am greater than you because you were not interested in me, but I was interested in you. That is a lonely life, isn't it? Well, it is life of an open minded learner who is "teacher" but always wants to remain a student and could be one the most misunderstood individuals on the planet because he feels that no-one has yet arrived and does not accept the hidden or subtle claims of certain others who apparently know all there is to know.  If you agree with me and we met each other in real life, then you might not feel lonely about it anymore.  We could console each other LOL!

A concerned parent once asked the head headmaster of a public school "Do you teach people how to learn?" That might seem like a ridiculous question to someone who is only concerned about memorizing facts in order to pass an exam but it is really the most important thing that any Teacher worth his salt should be trying to achieve. Anyone can teach facts but there are very people who have an ability to impart a skill to someone else. Yes! Skills must be imparted. Some people begin to learn skills in the most unlikely of places and are condemned by fundamentalist groups who don't understand them. Do you want to know where some seo's began learning something? They started with online video games way back then. How many of the best SEO's learnt skills back then? Surely , they had to build websites about the game they loved and they wanted to be found on search engines. If you don't understand then you need to find out what player killing is and about a game that started before all these other popular games if you expect to relate to them. Why would you want to relate to them? What about the millions of teens who now spend their time on similar games? Who can relate to them? Who can teach them? What about these ex-gamers?. They were there in the alpha and beta of the memorial game called Meridian 59. It was their milestone in history. They are icons and heroes to this new generation. They know how to win the new generation over! I was there too on a server way back when and unfortunately was one of the PKERS you probably feared but I was never feared as much as someone called EMPORER OF THE LAG DEMONS . Are you with me? LOL!

Yes-You hated me and loved me too. Wouldn't you love to play with me again?  I was so pleased to find this footage recently of someone showing a bloody battle where people are using all their wits, their power whether magical or brute force to stay alive or terminate others while having to deal with LAG (slow internet connections)

The game isn't really about killing and you would have to get into the mind of a gamer to understand it. It is actually a social network far more advanced than Facebook or Twitter. Play it for a month and you will see that you get far more response from others. If you are interested to know what it is to become  part of a successful network you will find out very quickly. Yes, it is a network. A social network! I want to tell you that some Gamers probably know far more about social networking than someone who claims to be PhD in the subject. Why don't you employ ex-gamers to do something that other people don't know how to do on the internet?  Great Gamers are qualified to do this but you don't understand them do you? If they find out what you are doing and you don't care what they do, then they will become greater than you and will be the ones who are the teacher's teacher. They know about how to achieve. Yes! They will do everything possible to avoid what happens at the end of this video. What happened? Well, the red screen appeared which means you are now dead! Are you going to give up? Luckily you can always come back a little weaker if it is not a frenzy. The worst thing for me used to be Guardians who used  their powers unfairly to bully me in the OOG.


There is no point in simply giving someone a numbered data sheet with 10 things that you must do in order to succeed in something. Unfortunately most teachers are happy to simply follow a system of teaching which does not actually help individuals to increase the value of what they receive. There is a reason why Teachers do this and I am going to list them. By the way, your reaction to this will determine whether or not you are worthy to teach someone. If your reaction is to blow up at the writer of this page it might show that you do have not patience, are not interested in what young people are doing and are narrow minded. There will be others who I call "Real Teachers" who might laugh  because they actually do care and are worthy to hold the title of "Teacher" They will watch the video and think very deeply about it.

                         WHY MOST TEACHERS DO NOT TEACH

1. Teachers don't care about their students becoming great people. 

2. Teachers have never learned to learn themselves.

3. Teachers only want people to think they are great 

4. Teachers became teachers for the wrong reason

I am sure there are more than four reasons but the list above might be enough to get someone thinking about the teaching profession. They might ask themselves who really are the teachers of the world? This to me is certainly something that could be discussed in a 10,000 page website but any half decent sales training course will tell you that waffling on for too long is not advisable. However, search engines don't mind pages filled with unique material and no matter how long it is they will eat up every word and image to  index them all for us. You might be thinking that discussing salesmen and search engines is irrelevant but salesmen or should I say "businessmen" are the ones who actually put bread on the table for most teachers in the world. Schools have become a business and not an institution. Any academic institute that does not have a serious sales and marketing team will probably not do as well in business as those who do. So, what has search engines got to do with teaching? Well, you found this page using a search engine didn't you? This means I proved I know something. It also means I am now in a position to teach you too. If you are still humble and believe that you still don't understand the internet, then maybe you are ready to be taught and to become a better teacher. You don't know who I am do you? I could be your student trying to reach out to you somewhere on the internet but you were not listening. You did not understand that playing online video games is now part of my education as well as trying to find ways to make money on Twitter.

Do you want to see the latest game for the ex-gamer? It now involves serious business and some of us are being employed to bring more students to your schools by optimizing .edu sites while some others who never gave up trying to slay the digital monster have healthier bank accounts because they know how to make a difference for commercial entities. By the way, these people also have to send their children to school and some of them don't get off lightly when it comes to the fees involved.


Of course I am going to be humble as all teachers should be and harmless to you. I will keep your anonymity and allow you to read this in secret because I am concerned for you. LOL! I hope I made you smile! Do you want to know how much nonsense there is on the internet right now? Surely we need a teacher to teach people about the incredible amount of falsehood. Even men and women who have a PhD are using it to abuse the system and why? Someone needs to teach these younger people about the extent that self proclaimed educationalists are willing to go- and for what? Well, it is money, isn't it? Even certain spiritual teachers will warn students about the man who betrayed all the good men and their leader for 30 pieces of silver. Remember what an ancient teacher said "They shall be forever learning and never come to a knowledge of the truth..." Who said that? He is an ancient teacher who has been rejected by many. 


If you are struggling to know some of the things that this site is about I am going to present what this site is really about in a way that is entirely natural. It is my style of teaching those who struggle to learn about it. You will be able to see the blood, sweat, tears and joy of weakly human being trying to make something from nothing. Do you want to know how hard it is for a brand new website to get internet traffic in 2011? If you do, then take a look at what happened in the first three months of this website  Don't be scared because your colleagues in the School, College or University aren't going to find out about the fact that you came here. No, they will never know that you are used non approved teaching aids as part of the education plan. This site believes in client privacy and you can be assured that you are in safe hands. 

Why would you want to know about these things? I can give you good reasons. It might be a way to connect with your younger students who are spending enormous amounts of time on the internet. How much time do your students spend on Facebook, Twitter and Online Video Games? If they are more interested in these things, then don't you think that teachers need to find new ways to communicate with them? Why not teach something that is related to what they spend time on? If you don't understand what I am talking about I will give you an example of a woman who was worried about her son spending too much time playing online games. She wants to communicate better with her son but I personally believe that if she wants to break through, she might want to find out more about the Avatar or character that her son has developed on the game. What does he look like? What are his stats? What are his goals and who is he associating with? Did he join a guild or is he playing solo?  In order to find out, she will have to play the game too! It should be understood that she is participating in her son's education. If you think I am not qualified to teach about these things then I believe you have become an unteachable teacher but maybe there is still hope for you if you read this far. As for those "good teachers" who are trying to understand where their students really are = "Pax Vobiscum!"