Every game has rules. I am sure that many people have started off a page stating those words. If you are interested in what is actually going on here I am going to reveal something about myself which certain people might not understand but that is ok and it is one of the reasons why I write this. It is about a game that I spent several years playing. To me it was a game for Avatars. In this game you had to create a True Avatar. Nowadays this word is being abused by certain internet social networkers who don't really understand the point of an Avatar. The point is that you are not supposed to reveal who you are to certain people. If you do not understand the Avatar, then you probably also cannot be trusted in business with something called "client confidentiality."

What goes on in a private business board meeting is not something most businessmen would want to make into a public declaration. Some people say that we should not be hiding anything from anyone but if you take that stance, then how would you like it if I employed a thousand people to watch what you do every second of the day? I believe that sometimes we should pity certain celebrities because that is what is happening to them. If a celebrity is reading this, you might find that having an Avatar on the internet might make perfect sense to you. Yes! You could roam around cyberspace and no-one would notice you at all except the important ones and it might be possible that you will bump into someone who likes you for who you actually are and not because of what you are. It is important that you never reveal to anyone who your Avatar is except maybe your closest friends. Why? Well, the Avatar has lost it's power the moment it does this. It's no fun anymore. Those who have become true Avatars will know what I am saying. If this is all too confusing for you then let me take an example of an old online video game which was one of the first role playing visual social cyber network for Avatars. The following video shows  a world in which Avatars go on quests, make friends, battle creatures single handed, together with others- and there is also murder and theft of property. Money is also important in the game. If you have no money, you can't eat properly and you you will be without decent clothes and armour. I could go on but let me show you the following video so that you have a better idea if this is alien to you.


Even mystical books like the כְּתוּבִים have main characters known by one name to their close companions and another name to the world. The idea of an Avatar is by no means new. Why on earth am I writing about this? Well, it is to preserve the meaning of an Avatar which seems to be losing it's power  because of certain social networks who do not understand what a social network actually is. If you played these sorts of games, made friends with people and had fun (even made real money) then you will know that certain online games are far more advanced in social networking on the internet than any kind of Blog designed for link juice bait. That is my opinion anyway. Some of these games have you truly interacting with others in realtime. Who is playing these games? It is not just young people but probably older people too and they might be finding them more socially  meaningful than the alternatives. Why? It is because you have fun and fascination interacting with the game and with others. Over time you might be able to build up a trust relationship with other characters who just might be able to help you in some way with some advice and he/she might be more willing to do a bit more for you since he/she is familiar with you already. Yes! They see you everyday on that game! Right now I don't play those games anymore and I call myself an ex-gamer but I cannot deny that those games were a great part of my education on social networks.

As far as the Avatar is concerned I feel that the popular movie called "Avatar" did justice to this name. If you have never watched it and are interested in a deeper perspective then I highly recommend it. Here is the Avatar trailer.


If you want to add to the definition please go ahead. I welcome it!