One thing is for sure in most recent times has been an interest for individuals and companies to capture and analyze more data. The theory being that the more data samples you have, the more likely you are to be able to determine what is going on i.e  your final conclusion should be more "representative" of what is "actually" going on, simply because more data means more objectivity as supposed to a smaller amount of data being non representative. OK, this is all mathematics and one of the points concerning this particular site is that it is very difficult to see what is going on until it becomes much bigger. In order to troubleshoot a problem, it may first need to be understood and so scientists and businessmen alike have this insatiable need for more and more data. They want to see variations and this not only applies to web statistics but also to almost everything around us. It is not possible in this short amount of space to give a definition of statistical analysis but we we should be aware that data is being collected whether it is web related, scientific or for business.   

                 datalogging device

                  Fig. 7873.234 Current Data Logger and PC Connection

Just take an example of a popular kind of mini logger which is storing electrical values by being connected to the output of a device that is sending tiny signals in miilivolts or milliamps. Actually this device is not just about measuring something electrical. No! There is something else it is connected to which could be measuring e.g conductivity, capacitance, pH, dissolved oxygen, fluid level, hydraulic pressure, compressed air and anything that might be of value to an environmental scientist, a factory research project, an individual and a business. I could go on and on but the point is that data logging is extremely valuable to anyone who is attempting to monitor a process or even control it. What is even more interesting than this is whether web statistics can be used to monitor human behavior on the net and if patterns are recognized then can we design systems to respond to them ?(or monetize them). Actually the answer is obvious and it is precisely what major corporations are doing. With this information can we predict human behavior much more accurately than for something like a financial exchange?

                data interpretation

               Fig. 7873.235 Biomedical Device with a Raw Calculator

I don't know whether you have spent much time browsing the web to see what is on offer from experts who claim that their data and interpretation is the correct answer to the problem of why someone is not able to drive traffic to a particular place. People need to think carefully about the data being presented and to first ask the question about the validity of the data (we don't want questionable data) and secondly who and how is data is being interpreted? We want a decent data logger, plenty of logged data and humble but intelligent interpretation of that data. We also must consider that this kind of data is extremely valuable and so what is actually going on is probably unlikely to be accessed freely by the general public. What can we humanly do if we do not have free access to this data? We can guess can't we? However, it is probably unwise to make too assumptions without first obtaining large samples of data over extended time periods. Even then, our conclusion may be incorrect due to the fact that we have insufficient access due to insufficient reach. As mentioned previously it is probably unwise to make too many assumption in too short a time period. The following video is an example of a person who has made too many assumptions. Although he has gathered plenty of data we might find that the conclusion is unsatisfactory or too incredible. Some of us might classify such individuals as mentally unstable while others might laugh because of the realization that the video was created with a deeper message being "Be careful who you trust" - because it is better to do your own research and make your own conclusions in hotly debated topics where no-one is absolutely sure.


I do realize that in this particular page I have not spent time giving more details on the industrial data logger and the discussion has more to do with one of the major themes of this site but if you would like to leave more details on data loggers you manufacture or resell you are welcome to mention them here.