THE TALE OF MR. SEO  

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Woohoo those who claim to be an SEO! Hey, don't you know that SEO has very little to do with website design? An SEO can pay someone to do that or simply make poorly designed pages to attract those people who like feeling a bit more human. Lalalalala! Lola ..Lalalala Lola! Do you like the Kinks or should we be worried about irrelevant text? La dee da de da.. She loves me yay yay yay!

 Let me introduce you to Mr. Seo. Is the name familiar? Well, SEO is actually a chinese surname, but it does not really matter because everyone who is reading this page will probably never meet SEO in person. This is because he normally works likes a dog and feels that Google is taking care of him..LOL!

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See the look on his face? what does it tell you about him? Why don't you ask him a question such as "What is on your mind?"  He would be happy if someone asked him this question and might even respond. SEO's background for the last ten or so years has been in search engine optimization. Although SEO has no formal qualifications, he realized earlier on that he had a unique interest in building traffic to websites, which in turn brought more business to his group of clients.

Very few people share SEO's interests, or even understand what he is doing most of the time. You will not be able to fascinate him unless you yourself have travelled down Mr. SEO's path. The path is not really about search engine optimization but seeking answers to questions he has in his mind. SEO is attracted to inquisitive and open minded people who would like to join him in exploring things together. Unfortunately, he knows that this type of person is hard to find, so he needs to use SEO to find him! LOL!

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                    Let's zoom in an take a closer look at SEO

 SEO does not like others using lots of meaningless words to steer people away from the truth. He would rather people use plain english most of the time. Of course there are times when a form of intellectualism is acceptable, but not all the time. The logic behind this is that most of the people who are visiting web pages are not english professors. He is thinking about reaching a wider audience. He feels that if he is able to tap into this as best he can, then he has done his job. SEO knows about specialist audiences too but he does not normally enjoy the company of too many people who have specialized in something to the point where the discussion has led people away from what is actually important and what needs to be done. In plain english "those who no longer are able to see the wood from the trees" i.e. those who don't think much about SEO┬▒

This means that SEO not only has to appreciate some of the better techniques for search engine optimization but also have an ability to step back and take a look at things objectively. He asks the question "Why do we even need SEO? Who is really an SEO? What is SEO? Where are the SEO's today? What are SEO's doing right now?" If you tell SEO that he is stupid because all the answers are on one particular website then you have just upset him. Don't tell him things that he already knows are not true.

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                                   AWAKEN MR SEO

Why don't you awaken SEO and by challenging him?  Contact him and start telling the truth about what you have seen. This is because SEO will fall asleep very soon if he has to put up with endless arguments about what actually works. Why don't you give an example to him? Why don't you challenge yourself to making a new website in 2011 to see if your former techniques work? Yes, a brand new website with no backlinks from your link wheel network, no paid inclusions, no revealing of who you are if you already have a level of popularity within a certain group. Mr. SEO won't tell anyone you are doing this and he expects you won't either. He values your privacy in these matters. SEO does not mind if you don't take up his challenge as long as you are friendly and willing to be wrong at times. He will gladly do this too!

Actually SEO is not asking anyone to challenge him. He is telling you that most people making new websites in 2011 have to face these obstacles. What about them? Are you one of them? Mr. SEO is interested in you if you are. He actually wants you to do well and share whatever you are learning with him too. That's because SEO does not know everything and is learning all the time. When SEO learns from you, he is actually making money from you, even though you think that you didn't give him any. So, don't think SEO is a charity organization. Nothing is free and everything comes with a price. If you can laugh at that, maybe SEO will not think you are conceited and will want to know about your expertise too. Why? Well, it is all about money isn't it? If you think it is not, then maybe you should continue on your path of deceiving and being deceived. Some of us don't want to join you because we think that you are just adding to a large crowd of existing hypocrites in the world who actually want to be businessmen but don't have the courage to call themselves one.