Do you know who is behind all of the products and services that you use? I expect that you don't. The people who you associate with a product you are using have most likely been chosen to sell those things to you because it has been determined that you will accept them. Someone planned this because they know who you are, what you like, who you like and some of your habits. It could be possible that a certain perfume or travel bag you are using reminds you of a certain person. In the perfume example you could be thinking about a beautiful actress who has perfect skin, an appealing look and something about her that makes women want to covet what she has. What she has was actually God given to her at birth and you do not possess this, but she has associated herself with a certain perfume and now you are convinced that this is what you need. You have spent a fair amount of money on this product because it has been endorsed by someone who you admire. What you probably do not know is that you are part of a client base that was designed by a silent sales force.

                                THE POWER OF PERSUASION

Persuasion takes many forms. Maybe you don't like the word "sales" in this example and you prefer to call it "marketing" but whatever we call it we must realize that there is a persuasion at work.               

I want to go a bit off track for a moment and talk about a product which I have personally used. Although it is not perfume, it might give someone an idea about what actually goes on. This product was a food additive that I had grown up with since childhood. I associated this product with a nice colourfully designed bottle and family values. Why? Well, it is because I had grown up seeing adverts of families using this food product for some time. Naturally, I trusted this product. Today I don't like this product and don't want it anymore. The reason for me feeling this way or should I say "my persuasion" is because I visited the factory that made this product and was shocked to find that no-one who works at that factory uses that food product. You would expect that if the product was so good that workers in the canteen would be happy to add it to their food. No! They don't want it but they still need a job and so they work at that particular food additive factory and have to mind their own business. I actually do not know if that product is good for me or not, but after the visit I was turned off because I formerly associated the product with a nice bottle and family values. Now that persuasion no longer works. Let's say that those adverts worked for some time but now I can see what it really is. If I had never seen this I would probably still be using the product. This could apply to anything. If you eat a piece of meat, do you know how it was made? Let's say that you want some chicken. Will you be happy to find one in your back yard, slice it's neck off and cook it and eat it? Does your mouth drool  like a Pavlov dog when you are hungry and you see a live animal that could be eaten?


                Fig 3.123 Nice surroundings so don't ask questions!

I am a meat eater but I am sure vegetarians visiting this page will probably think I am being led into vegetarianism or might end up a Vegan one day. I must tell you that I like meat but I have been conditioned or persuaded to eat it in a particular form and have it packaged in a particular way. There are some people in the world who don't have this problem. They can look at a live animal and think about eating it after they have killed it. Ooh! That seems so disgusting, doesn't it? Why is it disgusting to you? The meat you eat was once a live animal and someone else killed it for you and prepared it, put a nice label on it and maybe added some commercials so that you would be convinced it has something to do with family values or maybe teen values like music etc. I am not going to say that I am free from all persuasions and that I can clearly recognize how I have been conditioned but at least I am now thinking about it. Are you thinking about it too? Are you thinking about the power of a silent salesman?

               beautiful plants

              Fig 45.987 Wow! Look! These are free but undervalued!

                                      THE SALESMAN IS KING

It is not really the scientists, doctors or inventors of products that bring products to you. No! There is almost always a salesman who is trained to make you feel comfortable about using them. Do you really want to know all the ugly details of how everything is made? If a salesman were to do that, then maybe he would probably lose sales, wouldn't he? On the other hand a particular salesman might want to convince you about all the ugly things that go into the making of that product and then again an even better salesman might not use those tactics and simply show you why his stuff is the best. Once you are convinced it is the best, then you might start to investigate particular products yourself and find out that the other product is inferior. There is also the social media salesman who makes you fall in love with him or her so that you don't even want to know how good it is. You just want it because your emotions have told you that you need it.


Please don't get me wrong. There are still some noble salesman around as well as dirty ones. If you did actually follow the link in the previous paragraph about the trained salesman, then you will know that it is a deep subject. You see there are people saying things like "I don't like salesmen" but you might not be aware that you actually love some of them but just don't know it and that is because you have fallen in love with a "silent salesman." In fact, he was so silent that you never really knew that he had been selling you things all your life.