Everyone knows that the best British Salesmen need balls! One ball is not enough! No! They need lots of balls to get ahead! I am not talking about meaningless essays I was forced to write about as a young lad in public school down in Garlic Growing Dorset  on what is inside ping pong balls but about real balls that you can almost touch and feel with your hands. Yes!  Having balls in sales is something tangible. You can create an event and call it a ball and invite those in your sales team to interact with the guests. Some people discovered this several decades ago and even described how these balls are always bouncing to the left and to the right. I wonder if they were talking about Swing Kids? Please watch the following documentary which shows how a unique group of individuals play with words for maximum effect.


There is one thing about balls that we need to understand and since you will not find the answers in Wikipedia, I have decided that this website is now a good place to redefine lost words and lost meanings. I am definitely not going to give a list like Wikipedia does and it would be wrong to spell the answer out in one page. To say that the whoisbid website is "educational" in nature is actually an understatement. This place is actually one of the most useful sites where you can learn another language. What kind of language are you going to learn by visiting this site? Some of you already know about worthless links but that is not the whole story. I have been monitoring visitors to this site and noticed that certain self proclaimed seo experts who know how to speak this language are now visiting whoisbid. Why can't you guys hide yourself better and use a proxy server?  Why do you keep writing articles that you probably know are absolute lies? I am nice to you guys by not mentioning your names and proving you wrong through presenting scientific evidence and using you as examples of deception.

What you guys really need right now is therapy and probably the best medicine is to first chill out. Why not try to get a local spa discount and spend some time  relaxing in a nice atmosphere of scented candles? If that does not work, then maybe acupressure might help. There is of course another way and it is something that most people have probably never tried. Let me introduce you to the amazing therapy ball


Am I misleading people? What about the salesmen's balls? Have you noticed that salesmen are no longer being taught to be unique? If we are all different, then why are we being taught to act and do the same things? Are we not simply copying others? What if I told you that I believe there is something unique about every one of us but there are forces in this world which prevent people from being themselves? I learned how to sell as a young man. I went to a training course to learn the basic principles of salesmanship but I remember that in the beginning it never worked. I believe that there was nothing wrong with the principles being taught. The problem had to do with my own way of communicating with others. I was being taught to speak and act like someone else and my own style was being cramped.

We can sometimes look at others and we are so impressed and feel that the answer is becoming a carbon copy of someone else. I believe that this actually makes us uninteresting. Surely the most powerful person we could ever be is to be ourselves. Of course we can learn techniques which are useful but these techniques should be adapted to our own style so that when we present ourselves to others we will leave a mark i.e. they will remember us because we were different. Even silly mistakes make us different don't you think? If someone is humble he can always apologize for the mistake and set it right. Who ever told us that education was getting it right the first time? How can we learn anything if we never practice? Surely practice involves trial and error?  Trial and error means you get a bloody nose now and again and so .. if we want to really educate ourselves we will need balls to do things that might end up in failure. Once we have fallen down and picked ourself up again we can proudly declare that we now have something called experience and the next time we examine our balls we will see that they have grown considerably.