Did you know that robot engineers or potential robot engineers are coming to my website? Unless I am being deceived by robots programmed to surf the web to come to my website and browse it, then the conclusion I am making from my website statistics is that there is robot engineer activity on the website. I would like to thank you guys for visiting my site and adding to it's relevancy by the fact that you clicked on the hyperlink in Google search when you typed in those search terms that relate to robotics. I doubt that I will be meeting you in person but I do have something very interesting for you to talk about with you. First of all I want to tell you that I believe that I understand robotic engineers but if you met me in person it might not work unless I was able to grab your attention in some way by showing you a new servo system I had created.

Unfortunately I do not have one and I am not a robotics engineer. Lets take a hydraulic brake (sorry it should be "break") and look at something that my robotics engineer friend and I were looking at the other day. He told me that these robots are useless but I managed to convince him that they were not. First watch the video and watch this invasion of the Freescale Mechatronics carefully. It is less than a minute so you won't have to wait too long.


OK- What is it about these robots that are useful? Can you see any useful applications for them? You probably could not come up with any valid commercial applications. I have some valid applications but it is not right for me to tell my readers because right now there is an algorithm being used to determine how valuable this page is. If you watch the next video (although it is going to seem extremely basic for you) you will see what I mean. I am concerned about this because it could mean something very terrible for science and engineering community websites in the future.


This algorithm being used has something to do with monitoring the Page Bounce Rate Rb =(Tv/Te) 

Rb = Bounce Rate

Tv = Total Number of visits viewing one page only

Te = Total Entries to page.

If this is not clear then bounce off this site to Wikipedia but please come back if you are curious as to how this is going to affect science and engineering.

Can you understand why I did not give you an answer for the robot application intially?  It is because in order for me to survive, I will need to do things to waste your time i.e. I have to learn to deceive people in order to make them stay longer. I am actually not going to deceive you and I will tell you an application for what we saw in the Mechatronics video at the end of this page but imagine what is going to happen to science pages if they are going to become more popular? Yes you figured out that we will have to do things to make people stay longer for no reason instead of giving a straight and logical answer which can be found in seconds.  

This could mean that engineering and science websites might have to start getting young female models to pose more often for them and keep people glued to the screen in order for the science/engineering site to remain popular. Maybe you will need to embed Lady Gaga videos in your websites or throw in some Justin Bieber music. Maybe you won't have to do anything of that and I am going to tell you why but the answer is going to be located at the very very bottom of my home page. I am sorry I had to do this to you but if you understand the formula above that is in yellow then you won't be blaming me. I hope you don't puke when you leave my site and that you enjoyed it. If you want to know where I got the puking idea from it was from the following video.