Have you ever thought that if someone is bi-lingual or multi-lingual they can use this ability to easily copy something that has been done on the web in several languages (something that they already know is successful) and make money from doing this ?             

Do you think about these things? A specialist group of people have to think about this for a living !  The question is-  are search engines able to detect when someone has made a career of doing this? Well, the answer to that is a definite NEGATIVE if the search engines are not able to scan pages of websites, translate them and keep the cache of the translated pages in their servers. Then comes the issue of computing power and search engine algorithms that need to do this kind of work. Wow! What an immense task these people have in policing the web and filtering out content that is not unique but is simply a copy of something made in one language into another. 

Which companies are looking into this direction? How far have they come? If the top web online web translation companies had this ability, would you not want them to cache a copy of every single page of a successful website to see if others are copying words, ideas and unique content by simply translating? Of course they could not stop everyone but if this is now possible they could penalize such people by not giving them the credit for unique content i.e. these pages could be viewed as some form of sophisticated spam or copying. It will be interesting to see what kind of things search engine giants will announce in the near future. 


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