I don't claim to be an expert on how to use Twitter. No! I am a normal Twitter user who is interested in how to make money using Twitter. I want to write about my actual experiences over the past few months on using Twitter. Of course there are going to be people who say I am doing something wrong. Who are these people saying these things? Maybe they have a website or blog with a high page rank of 6 and maybe you claim you are an expert seo. Maybe coupled with this you have a website that has been given authority. I checked my statistics today and saw that this site is still page rank zero and getting over 200 visitors per day after 4 months of living under the dark side of the cloud. How could I compete with those sites? Fortunately I am being told that this website is now worth something at least something but only by website worth calculators. There have been a few people who have left some useful comments on some particular topics of interest here which I call specialist subjects and that too has led me to believe that there is in fact some value in the whois bid site. When you do anything whether it is making a site or Twitter Account you might find that you need to have some indication that you are making progress, don't you? If that were not true, then why have Twitter Value Checkers become so popular? What qualifications do I have to write about this topic?  I believe that I am qualified now to write about Twitter simply because I have actually spent time doing different things with it on separate accounts that operate using different principles. My conclusion from this experimentation is that most social media experts are a bunch of liars. Are you interested to prove to yourself that there are tons of self proclaimed experts with misleading websites and fake blogs steering you down a profitless path? What can I really be doing to  increase my Twitter Account Value?  Even if you don't believe that Twitter Accounts have a financial aspect to them you could at least consider what is the best way to make Twitter useful to you. Most people in business want Twitter to help bring visitors to their websites and if that is you, then please think about the following:

                        QUANTITY IS BETTER THAN QUALITY

Why would I be telling you that quantity is better than quality when so many other people are saying the opposite? First of all you need to take a closer look at who is saying this. I suspect that there are very few people who are writing authoritatively from the standpoint of a brand new website/domain that was created only a few months ago. Normally the people who are saying this are old. Old from the standpoint of internet age. Did you know that it is all too easy for an old website to do something that a brand new site could never achieve? Old sites are Gold sites because most people are going to get their information from them simply because they have more natural traffic coming to them compared with the new ones. At this point in time I am a new site and don't have that sort of power. Will that stop me? No! Definitely not!  There is a waiting period, a sort of quarantine. Call it a sandbox if you like. I am talking about making a site that has a lot of quantity. How am I going to solve the quantity issue for this site? I am happy to answer you be revealing that WYSIWYG site builders enable you to investigate the effectiveness of speed development. Although you are probably going to lose some appeal because your site does not look as cool and as clean as you want, you can make up for it by the fact that you are not going to be hindered by making a mistake on coding your html pages. If you want to make a 1000 page site in less than a year or be able to create and upload faster than google can spider, then "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) site creators might be something to look into.

                                 QUANTITY VS QUALITY

I am talking about Twitter am I not? Why did I digress into the website issue? It's because the same people who are asking questions about Twitter are also asking other questions about their websites. Do you see these question? Let me tell you some of them. Surely if we are seeing so many people ask the same questions we should think about providing an answer from a unique perspective shouldn't we? Maybe a new site that has not fallen into atrophy like many older sites should be answering the questions from a new site perspective. Why is that? Well, it is because most older sites that are popular don't care about the answer because they are not in that position anymore. Here are the questions

1. How many visitors can a Page Rank Zero site get?

2. Can I get Page Rank without Backlinks?

3. Does Tweeting increase my site Page Rank?

4. How can Twitter help my website?

How do I know that people are asking these sorts of questions? Well, if you have created pages on your site touching on these matters you are going to see similar key phrases that people have typed into a search engine that leads them to your website. I am going to give you an answer to all the above questions but it is going to require you to do some work yourself to find out who is speaking the truth and who is telling lies i.e. don't take anyone's word for it! So, I am not making an authoritative statement. No! I am leading people to investigate the matter. I personally love investigating things. If you have read some of the more interesting pages of my website you will be able to tell that I have an investigative nature. I want to know how things work and I want to have access to people who want to give me the best answer. I am learning all the time and don't believe for a second that I have even begun to understand all the complexities of websites, blogs and social networks but I want to avoid people who are misleading me like the plague. If people are purposely misleading others they are more evil than those who have simply been misled. I am sure that we all get misled about tons of things and surely the way back to the profitable path should start with questioning everything, even if we don't have the answers. Yesterday I was listening to a video interview with George Soros. Do you know who he is? Well, I didn't understand everything he was saying but I did get something from him. I noticed that he is a very unique individual because he does not follow financial fundamentalists. He seems to be gifted in a way that allows him to think way beyond a bean counter. He is a man who was tied to "Black Wednesday" so surely he knows something about Financial Mechanisms doesn't he? He does not need a Twitter Account although he does have one - George Soros. Why is it that a multi billionaire has so few followers compared to self proclaimed financial experts? Maybe these thoughts will throw things into a bit more perspective for some of us and start a journey which leads to more questions..LOL!


Let's say that I had a Twitter Account with 250,000 followers. You would most likely want that Twitter account wouldn't you? Be honest! Would you want it?  Who cares about the fact that a small percentage of the followers are bots and inactive Tweeters? There is definitely going to be a large percentage of them who are real people. If you do a Tweet with a massive Twitter Account like that you are definitely going to get a response aren't you?  Mathematics will tell you that the odds of you being noticed are far greater than that of someone who has only 100 followers. What is 1% of 250,000 and 1% of 1000? Lets say that the Twitter Account has no quality but it has 250,000 followers and only 0.5% of the followers are going to see the Tweet. If the Tweet is linked to a website, then how many people are going to visit that site?

Percent Calculator
Number to find % of:

If you had such a powerful Twitter Account you would probably need to consider increasing the bandwidth limitations to the site it is tweeting about and to check your server space usage. Maybe in order to calculate whether or not your site could handle 200 Tweets per day you would need to make sure you don't fall into a trap so you would need to familiarize yourself with megabits and megabytes more than kilobits and kilobytes. You could always come back to this page and use the free calculator on my site. LOL!  Yes, this one is actually mine and was programmed in php. 


              allowable bandwidth

            Kilobits,Kilobytes, Megabits, Megabytes but Meg is better!


Now I have another question for you. You can find the answer if you build a Twitter Account can't you? Are people more likely to follow back a Twitter Account that has thousands of followers than one that has few followers? What do you really think. In fact don't think about it.. just try making several different Twitter Accounts and you will find out soon enough. Some expert might say that it does not matter because what we need is to be connected only with profiles that are connected to our industry or cause. For you people I have another question. Do you expect that people's profiles really represent who they are and are a summation of their business activities? Let's say my Twitter profile gives away information that I am in the domaining business. What if I am only doing that part time but actually I am an Acupuncture specialist, a 24 hour dentist or do Forex Trading for a living? Maybe you didn't follow me because you judged me by what was written about my activities in my profile. Ha! There I have given you something to think about haven't I? I could go on and on but I feel that probably most people are going to be worn out by the numerous questions. I need to give some practical advice don't I? What is it? 


How is it possible to follow everyone and not follow everyone on Twitter at the same time? LOL! Well, the answer is very simple. You sign up for two Accounts. One of the accounts you make is very professional looking and targets specific things in Twitter. This account does not care about the number of people following back but has been designed to catch fish that are only related to your speciality. The other account is your mass follow account where you experiment to your heart's desire.

Give yourself a few months of doing the above and then you will find out what is true and what is not. Maybe by that time you will not want to tell anyone what the answer is. I am not going to tell anyone because that would spoil your fun on Twitter, wouldn't it? As for the answer to those 4 questions above, you can be sure that you will be closer to the answers once you have done a bit more work. Maybe the answers won't be that important to you by then. If you join whoisbid on Twitter you are always welcome to tell me if you managed to succeed with your Twitter Management. See ya in a few months and take care y'all! Just click the image below to go to a page that leads to my Twitter Account to sign up and say that you found this page interesting. I will Tweet you back however small your account is.

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