Some people might be so innocent that when someone talks to them about Twitter Management they immediately think about the Management of the Twitter Company i.e. who runs Twitter? Actually Twitter Management is giving either a company or software program the task of developing your Twitter Account. Why would people want to do that? It is probably because they heard about the value of social networks and they are afraid something will happen to their web business if they don't join in. The fact is that they don't have enough time to do the Twitter work themselves.

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What if I told you that Twitter can be fun once you meet just a couple of people who respond? I have an account which some people might condemn because it is following everyone who follows me. Why did I decide to do that? It is because some people are impressed by numbers. I am being honest with you. Is the way that I am managing my Twitter Account going to damage my chances of success with Twitter? I don't think so, and I believe that will remain to be seen in a few years. Is the way I am building Twitter going to damage my website efforts? I also don't think so either because this is a unique website and I am not scraping anything from anywhere.

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What is my website about? It seems it is about quite a few things but one of the themes has to do with how difficult it has become for brand spanking new sites trying to get more visitors to their sites in 2011. Maybe one of the reasons why newcomers are turning to Twitter is because they want to be seen. If you want to be seen, you will need to be connected to as wide a network as possible. Should you use automated software programs to do this work for you or are you going to do it yourself? To me this is a silly question because it is ever so easy for someone to make more than one account on Twitter and to try different techniques to see which ones work for you. 

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Sometimes reading about how to do something can spoil the fun for Tweeters. Why don't you just sign up, join me and start speaking your mind? If you are concerned that someone will look down on you then just use a comic picture instead of your real one. If you are doing one for your company, then upload your company logo instead. As I mentioned earlier you can always get someone to do that for you. I think if you have ten minutes a day to spare, you are better off learning about this yourself, especially if you own that company.

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Will you make more money using Twitter by having a serious company account and only following people related to your business or subject? If someone wants to answer that, then I welcome you to tell us about it in the Disqus comment system below. One thing I ask is that you reveal your Twitter Name so that people can actually see for themselves whether or not you are for real. There are tons people making up stories about how they made money on Twitter and it is really refreshing to hear something true, even if it was only a small deal. Enjoy the Birds and say hello to me if you are on Twitter.

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