Twitter Name Value

Do you believe people are asking where to bid on Twitter Names? Why are they asking these questions?

First of all, it is important that people do not forget what Twitter means. What about all those Bird Watchers and their websites that have suffered because a very powerful Microblogging service is now using a generic term that really belongs to birds and birds only? The option now for those who are fascinated by the natural TWEET is to get on Twitter and start tweeting about new bird findings. I thought that a video definition of Twitter might be more appropriate. Just listen to these birds and let us not forget their contribution to the internet. If you are Bird Lover I think that you are probably not going to be very interested to find out how much your tweet is worth.


Do you want to know how you can value a Twitter account? Whether anyone agrees or not on whether it is OK to sell Twitter names we cannot escape from the fact that a value can be placed on a Twitter account. If you care to visit the Terms of Service on the Twitter support ( January 2011) they have a policy against selling Twitter Names  and Twitter Name Squatting. Whether they will be able to control this is another matter. We will not be able to stop people checking their Tweet value, their Twitter account worth or estimated price someone would pay using real money for a developed Twitter account.

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                A powerful Bird is slowly hacking away at an old tree 

Does this mean that Twitter user accounts have no value? Of course not! If someone has built up a successful network of followers and following and is selling goods and services using Twitter or expanding their social network, then surely their account has a value because all things have a value. If you feel that you need to increase the value of your Twitter account what are the options? Well, you could always start asking questions about how to increase twitter followers  and how that is going to benefit you.

Right now there are a few  websites that give us an idea of our twitter name  just like the sites that do automatic domain name value 

If you want to know the Page Rank of your Twitter Account you can simply use this Twitter Account Page Rank Checker

I am sure that these Twitter Value Checkers will keep appearing in the scrolling search timeline which you see on the left of this page. If you feel that there are other ways to check the value of a Twitter account, then please feel free to submit me an article. Remember that this site does not like copies of anything so if you make it original I will upload it.

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For whatever it is worth, I am going to put my neck on the line here and say that I believe Twitter could be a serious competitor to current search engines and even the worth of domain names in general. Why bother with domain names if we can use short url and have  our Twitter Account in the forefront instead of domain names?  Will that happen? Hmm! At the moment I have no idea.  Will the new generation of internet users even care about domain names? These are some questions people are asking. Why bother spending ages trying to optimize new websites that have to compete with older more powerful ones that will take enormous amounts of effort to challenge? Why wait several weeks to get spidered, indexed and appear somewhere on a search engine result? Right now you have to do this. There is really no other way. Don't think social networks can replace good content on websites if websites are your thing. As for realtime search and realtime things- just take a look at the speed and power that young gamers currently need to play their video games. Many of these people are looking for instant fixes and instant gratification. Whether it is right or wrong is not the question. The question is "What do people want?" and Twitter is something that many people want but I don't think that it has got anywhere near that point yet.


                                    TWITTER FOR BUSINESS 

If you just started your business and are not networked to a powerful web portal then the only way that a search engine can instantly get a commercial message out for you to a large number of people in a short space of time is through paid advertising. Paid ads ensure that your products and services appear immediately on their network pages.

                                         PAID ADVERTISING

PPC is your only choice if you have a product or service and a website but found out that no-one knows about it and you cannot wait weeks, months and even years to get noticed. Well, you have the choice to open your wallet and pay the current search engine companies a fat sum of money every day to display your ads on their network. Of course, this can give people instant gratification if they are willing to pay for it. What else can you do? You might want to ask the question if Twitter can help your business if you can you make money using Twitter?

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                 Twitter Buttons sometimes remind me of a video game    

                                          PAID TO TWEET ?                    

It seems that Twitter is against people being "paid to tweet: but a good Twitter Account and a good Tweet is able to generate enormous amounts of traffic to a website. If you need to do a calculation on just how much traffic to a website a large Twitter Account might be able to produce you can always experiment with the idea of a theory that quantity is more effective than quality. If you simply want to drive as many people as possible to see your own product in a shorter space of time then maybe those people who have the massive Twitter Accounts might be able to help you. 


Something that is not talked about much on the net is going to be discussed here. Why shouldn't I discuss it? Does Tweeting increase your adsense revenue? My answer is No! What's yours? Try it out yourself by getting a powerful Twitter account to Tweet to your page that contains PPC ads and you will probably find out that you won't get paid for that traffic. Many people say that this is unnatural traffic. Let me ask the question again in another way. Can using Twitter and Tweeting help increase your Adsense Revenue? My answer is No!. I believe my answer is correct if you are not trying to deceive in any way. What is your answer? Well, you can always use Disqus and share your insights with us. 


I think that before you feel you are able to answer this question you should try Twitter for a few months. Don't give up just because nothing happened in a few days. Although there is a lot of spam on Twitter I believe that it is extremely useful once you get a handle of it. You have to do your own exploration because there are a ton of things going on which one page is inadequate to deal with.

One of the things worth mentioning is a lot of people using multiple accounts on Twitter and being fake. Yes! They are posing as someone else. Just because someone has high speed internet access does not mean that they are going to be trustworthy. There is something called an Avatar which can be an honest personality even though you don't see his or her real photo and on the other hand there can be people uploading photos of themselves in their profiles which could mislead us to think that they are someone else.