The phrase is "Twitter Followers Robots" and I see a Twitter war going on and the battle is between man and machine. Every day there are people looking for answers and searching the internet for things like "percent of robot twitter accounts" and "how many people are using robots on twitter?" Of course these robots are not offered by Twitter themselves but millions of internet users are turning to third party robots to manage their social networks. What will happen in the future if this continues? Watch the funny video and ask yourself.. is it really funny?


It is like Terminator all over again. Skynet has taken human prisoners and the same is happening on Twitter where people are giving in to the Auto-Tweet and Auto-Blog and that is just the beginning of what is happening to humans being absorbed by the hundreds of automated applications that are being offered by a large percentage of Twitter users. It is sad that so many new Twitter followers don't know about the work of robot engineers and so this page might be helpful to someone who is new to Twitter. I am not a robot and you can always look for me on Twitter and Tweet me something that originated from you. I like responding to those kind of things and so would John Conner. Are all bots bad? I don't think so and this is clearly seen in the movie trailer below, but they were outnumbered by machines working round the clock and maybe you are now outnumbered too. We need to fight them and you can always join me in the resistance. I don't have all the answers but that is why the Human and the Android can get together to battle with them. If we don't encounter the robots we might miss out on what they are about to do next. Are these Twitter bots replicating tissue for the T-800? If you want to know who is the resistance, it could only be you and me. Don't run from the robots. Be a hero and challenge them!  Lets find new ways to control some of them to help us fight the war. John Conner once said "You killed my mother and father but  "YOU WILL NOT KILL ME!" 

Until this point in time I have not invoked Youtube to help me in the War Against Twitter Bots. Today was a new day because I finally realized that my duty is to make a public declaration. Robots can't sing very well and maybe I am not a Frank Sinatra or an Elvis but I certainly did give it my best shot. On my Youtube channel I also have a video of Broken Links singing something about starting a war which might inspire you to join a growing army of people who are realizing how many of their fellow comrades have turned to automation at the expense of their own uniqueness. Is automation working? Well, I am not going to conclude anything for anyone. My job at this point in time is to report like any Twitter Journalist should and see what kind of response I might get from those who have been thinking deeply about it.

I have elected to follow robots on my Twitter Channel. That is because I want to see what they are up to. How can we learn what machines are really up to unless we pursue them? I am not saying that you should do what I am doing and I do have other Twitter Accounts where I am not following them. What I can honestly say is that some robots are now extremely powerful. These bots even have higher page ranks than most of the social media experts telling us how and what we should be doing on Twitter. I am going to confine this discussion to one robot only. You can do your own research and make your own conclusions. If you end up more confused than before, then maybe you ought to consider whether or not most seo and social media expert's opinions are absolute nonsense. Please bear in mind that I am writing this on Tuesday March 8th, 2011 and if you happen to stumble upon this page in the future it is most likely that the situation has changed. Remember that it is a war on robots and wars are a series of continual battles.


              robots on twitter

If you are really interested in this discussion I am going to ask you to do some research on the 8 robots shown above. Tell me what you think about the 5th one on the list? How many Twitter followers does the female robot have? The other question has to do with her page rank. Have you ever investigated PR of bot accounts on Twitter? These questions are just for fun and to get some people thinking. I am using her as an example because it is not going to reveal very much except that according to current metrics there is some value in the female robot. What value does a bot have? What is the value of that Twitter Account  and who see the Tweets and why was it created? Later on take a look at some other bots not on this page. Do some research and ask the questions. I don't expect very many intelligent replies below but you are always welcome to say hello and give it your two cents. Maybe your input will help the resistance win another battle. Who knows?

I am not going to post details of the latest Twitter Marketing Software, how to automatically add twitter followers or how to make money using twitter because this is about robots and I am going to resist them. Are you? If you are, then send me a real Tweet about this site showing that you are human and you will get a human response. In doing so you have become part of the resistance and John Conner will remember you, even if the millions of robots are not.