Twitter is considered to be a social network and microblogging service but it is very different from Facebook. There is probably no need to explain to anyone what Facebook is because it is already so popular. You might be surprised to find out that there are still many people who resist Facebook because of their desire for greater privacy.

Some people believe that what they do is none of anyone's business. If that is you and you want to use a network to further your business without invading your privacy you might find Twitter an option to consider. If you don't have any followers just join Who is bid and I will be one of your first followers. You will find there are many people who have probably given up with the search engines and are hoping that Twitter will evolve into something greater so they are investing their time in expanding their network on Twitter. If you are picky and want to target a particular audience then you are given options to enable you to be more selective about who you are associated with on Twitter. If you are not convinced, then take a look at how many people are curious about the worth of their account at Twitter and it's Name Value

                          THE POWER OF THE TWITTER NETWORK

Twitter is something fascinating to me personally. This is because you are joining a network but you don't have to spend time  showing too many details about yourself. If you are fortunate enough to grab the name of your website as your Twitter account it is probably going to be a big advantage for your general identity on the net. 

You should definitely grab the name of your website on Twitter if it is still available. If you don't have a message now, maybe you will in the future and you can build a network where you can broadcast to others without having to give away your "essence" 

Join Who is bid on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/whoisbid

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1. Twitter gives anyone the possibilities of incredible access to other people in the world by building a network of following others and being followed. Building websites and optimizing for search engines cannot give anyone this type of access in such a short period of time. If you have a website and have given up on SEO , you might want to try Twitter. If you can do both, even better!

2. No-one knows exactly where Twitter is headed. Twitter and applications for Twitter  are still being developed and the possibilities can only be exciting

3. You can use an Avatar on Twitter and still get plenty of access and followers. You can maintain privacy and still get a message out as opposed to networks that encourage you to lose your privacy.

4. The Twitter company is pretty cool about giving freedom to business minded people to Tweet about their products and services for free. There are people who complain that Twitter has a lot of spam but they don't realize that if you try to control expression (even  business expression) then you end up with a Draconian network . So be happy that currently there is a lot of freedom to express ideas on Twitter

5. Twitter is not really bound by time i.e. search engines need time to spider and index pages. Twitter is probably something very scary for a search engine company to deal with with so they will separate Twitter feeds from search engine natural search feeds. Place your bets everywhere and get a Twitter account and start building a network. Many people are building their Twitter accounts and don't know exactly why but they feel it is an investment for the future. Remember many years ago many people could  of bought hundreds of low cost .com domain names and built tons of websites that would now be making a lot of revenue but they didn't. They did not think about future possibilities. I believe the same applies to Twitter.

6. Twitter gives you access to web pages that you would not normally find by using search engines. 

7. There are plenty of Tweeters who will support you if you support them. 

8. The only investment will be your time and probably a few dollars here and there to buy some useful Twitter apps to save you time. 

9. Twitter is extremely easy to use for older and younger alike.

10. One day search engines, domain names and websites might become irrelevant because of newer technology. Placing your bets on older and newer technology is better than staying with old ideas. Remember several decades ago how long it took for companies to even think about making a decent website?