This website previously contained information only about the SEO in the USA, India and China but it is important not to forget the British SEO or should I say the man or woman who is responsible for search engine optimization in the United Kingdom. I recently heard some news that British people now prefer UK addresses as opposed to DOT COM. Sometimes it is hard to verify this information but most certainly the UK SEO will know if it is really true because he will be working on websites in the UK and have first hand information on what domain name extensions are now most popular. If you do not live in the UK you might be at a disadvantage trying to optimize a website for a British customer simply because the search engine results are going to be different in the UK and you might not be able to see them. If you don't know what I am talking about you can always do a search for a UK proxy and you will see what I mean very quickly. The word proxy actually means "a person authorized to act for another" and a lawyer will be familiar with this term because that is his job. Literally, you need to be able to see through the eyes of an SEO in the UK if you want to know what is going on there. I am sure that there are plenty of reputable British search engine optimization companies who need to explain this to foreign clients because it will be one of the major reasons why you should not be using an American SEO to do the work of a UK SEO. I am not saying that it is impossible for companies in the United States to carry out this kind of work but simply that it is more likely a British Citizen living in the UK who is involved in web marketing and development is most likely to know something that others do not about his locality or should I say "local search" Are you interested to know what a British person might expect a UK SEO to look like? Surely Youtube can give us some sort of indication. Watch the video and notice that the SEO is wearing a suit and a tie. It also implies BeatleMania and getting English chicks. Does this mean he is looking for high paying lawyers from Lloyds of London to solicit his services? We can only guess about what is expected or simply join a UK SEO channel or follow me on Twitter to find out!


Would Americans portray an SEO in a suit and tie or are they expecting something else? Do you think that the next video truly represents the SEO in the United States?  This video is SEO rap but if you listen carefully you will see that the rapper SEO is giving advice on all sorts of relevant topics. Notice that they are bit less worried about the kind of clothes they are wearing and certainly it seems that they have a different approach to things. Is this also reflected in the way that Americans are selling goods and services as opposed to Brits? I know there are plenty of Europeans failing miserably in the United States and there are ways to change the situation but you need to find someone who knows how to be a chameleon on the net. Who is he? He is probably not going to work for you because he is fed up of people's ignorance and so he decides to go into business for himself. Maybe he is now selling made in china mobile phones


Don't you think that these kinds of questions are important for anyone who is hoping to expand their international business? Earlier on I discussed "proxy" as it relates to viewing web pages through a machine installed on a UK IP address but there is also another question about proxy. Do we need to use people to represent us in countries which have customs and practices that might be alien to us? Don't you think that it is going to be an enormous task for someone to "do the seo" that is going to be required to penetrate international markets? There is also another problem which has to do with the fact that I am only discussing english speaking territories and have not even begun to mention the fact that there are so many other languages in the world. So, if someone says they are at the top of a search engine shouldn't we be asking them about which country and which language they are talking about? Oh! I almost forgot to add that there is something in common with the UK and USA seo. What is it? The next video will explain it faster than any blog could.