I guess that most people are probably going to Blog about the unfaithful Blogger but I am going to write about him/her on my own website. Please understand that this website is definitely not a Blog and you will not find any way to interact with me here. This website is mine and it contains content that originates from me. Everything you see here is truly unique and the best thing about it is that I own it an control it fully. Most Blogs will not give you that kind of control (unless you own the Blog) so if you are upset about the way you have been dealt with in a particular Blog site then I highly recommend that you make your own website too. Maybe some of you simply want to use blogs and bookmark pages to get a link back to your site. I can understand why you want to do that but I believe that this kind of technique no longer works. This is because many of the people who own the Blogs that you participate in want their pound of flesh from you. There is a very popular theme/technique being used in many popular blog sites and it is a type of scoring system. The way it works is that the more you contribute to the Blog, the more privileges you will get. Let's take "Blog X"  as an example because "Blog x" knows that many people are going to join the Blog simply to get a proper link (you had better find out what I mean if you don't know yet) . Do you think that the Blog owners are going to want to help people who are not going to contribute to them by only uploading one line of text? So many people want to simply spend a few minutes writing a few sentences and leaving a link to their site. There is nothing immoral about this but the question we need to ask is "Is it going to work for you" - My answer is a definite No! Maybe it worked in the past but I honestly don't think it is going to work today.

unfaithful blogger

Does this description sound like you? Now that I have caught you, would you like me to give you a better solution? There is a solution but it requires a lot more work on your part. Are you ready for this? If you respect this website then you will pay attention to what I am going to tell you next.

Maybe it is better that you don't know who I am and your relationship with me is limited to thinking about the Avatar figure on the top of this page. I am not going to bark at you or come back and say to your face "See - I told you so!"  Keep reading and think deeply about these things. 

1. Find out what the minimum requirement is for that Blog or site is i.e. how much effort you will have to put into the Blog in order to have some "presence" on it. Try to meet that minimum standard if possible. This may require you to write some articles, make a few videos and upload some pics of something that you find interesting and then make sure that there are adequate links from that content to a site that you are more concerned about but don't overdo it. In fact you will more than likely find that at times you will need to link out to business concerns and articles written by people you don't know. This will all add to the flavour and uniqueness of your work. If you keep making links to the same old website then your efforts will look like they are simply bookmarks to your site. I am pretty sure that "bookmarking" does not hold the weight it used to hold for websites unless it is a bookmark from a very powerful website with few people on the page.

2. If you find that you don't feel free enough to express yourself on topics that do not relate to your business concern, then create an Avatar. Be careful here with the word "Avatar" because an Avatar is not meant to be revealed to everyone. There are people using this word and hoping that you will connect all your sites, Blogs and social networks to one network i.e.  a way to be found and identified through a central system no matter where you are contributing. I find fault in this because what you are actually doing is pulling people away from your sites and driving them to the network that holds your Avatar. You are also connecting all your work and letting one network know about all your activities. Don't get hooked into only one network but be associated with different networks. Why is it a disadvantage to be joined to only one network? I can't really explain this to you right now but my advice is to minimize this and not allow one network to see everything you do. I want to stop and show you what an Avatar is. The definition I am giving you is nothing close to what is being taught on the web. Lets see what Wiki says about the Avatar shall we? At the same time I am going to embed a video below which I believe truly represents an easy to make Avatar. If you can't make something original then just get a friend to do it for you. You only need to do this once but make sure it is unique and something easy to remember and identify. What do you think about the Rastaman whoisbid? Can you remember him easily?


3. Be very patient. It is probably going to take us at least one year to make our website even remotely popular unless we have something that is so awesome that everyone wants to come to our sites. Keep working and don't stop.

I have not covered everything that needs to be covered here but I know that even what I have written is probably too much for most people to absorb. What I can say honestly to you is that if you do these things then you will be helping lots of people. Yes! If you want to be different than others then you will need to write about things and people and link to other resources that are relevant to what you are writing about. When you do this you are actually empowering others and most of them won't even know you did it unless they regularly check who is helping them in this way. A lot of people say that if you write great content then others will link to it. This is not true and you will not find this happening even if you make a 250-500 page website. The only people who are going to do those things are YOU! .. and of course - me!