Why would you be interested in Valentines Nails?  That is a question I have for you. Do you know it comes from the Latin Valentinus and there is something mysterious about the legend. I believe that if you are a person who even acknowledges Valentine's Day then there must be someone in your life who you admire. 

I cannot help you or give advice on how you are going to succeed but I can tell you that I believe there are no rules in love and in war. If you love someone, then you will probably not seek advice from people and most likely going to end up doing it your way. I wish you well- whoever you are and hope that it all works out in the end for you. Whatever you are thinking about (as a female) I can tell you that nobody on this earth will ever be able to stop you from doing something today. What is it? Well, it is creating Valentine's Nails and Latina Queen 85 is someone who did it before. In fact, LQ85 has even made a tutorial for us. Lets take a look at her Valentine Nail Art Design.


She was nice enough to show is the pink colour from Jessica that she is using as the Wet n Wild Black. Don't forget the reddish wild shine also from Wet n Wild! There are a few other Nail Art Laquers that you need and I am not going to spoil it because you must see the video to get the answer. Nail Art Design is actually a bit technical since you are using layers and LQ85 knows about applying the first coat and allowing it to dry.

Wow! I am watching this video as I write about it and you must see something very incredible. It has to do with the heart and the wings and for the first time on this website I mention the Nail Drawing Tool. She finished just fine with the lips and the white dots. Don't let me stop you from being curious to see her talent all the way through the media presentation because you are going to miss something. Latina also give us a treat with a few extra designs. One of them has something to do with Frogs and so that is the theme of the next presentation by Robin Moses Nail Art.

Yes! Have you ever seen Frogs with Braces? This is definitely a must and I wonder if you could use it for Valentines as well if you added some Valentinus flare?


If you want to do these Frogs for your Nails you will need some different Green Nail Laquer as well as some red, orange and a few other colours. The teeth really do make the frog hilarious because frogs don't normally have teeth.. LOL! The last part seems the most difficult with the silver and black but you have to see it to believe it! What is it you have to see? Well it is someone doing something in the background which could be contagious and medicinal.

Well. If you enjoyed these then maybe I should throw in some tips on romantic hair for the first date. I want to add something here because I am a man and can tell you that although you ladies can put on your makeup , do your hair and nails to enhance your beauty there is also your inner beauty which should not be forgotten. In the long run it will be your inner beauty that keeps a good man interested in you. If you want to know my opinions you can read what I have written about my own lady and her perfume box


Maybe this is the first time you have seen KittylovesDolly123. It was certainly the first time for me but I did catch something she said said at the end. You have to watch out what her advice was for women who are going to go out!