I have visited a spa or two in my lifetime. There is something that I am looking for when visiting a spa. One of the things that I don't want is for the people working at the spa to think I am a cheap charlie looking for discounted services. No! When I visit a spa I want to be treated like a king. I don't mind paying a bit extra for that kind of service and the reason I am writing about this is because I noticed that people in the spa business were arguing the toss over whether or not they should be embracing Group Discounts

My personal feelings have to do with the fact that a spa should be a place of relaxation, a place of privacy, a place of freshness and a place that is not like most other places. 


I want to really be able to relax in a spa and one of the things that is going to make me feel stressed has to do with the fact that the staff are not being paid enough money. I like to tip someone who gives me a good aromatherapy or some kind of eastern massage. I don't want the staff to talk too much to me unless I ask them to. This is because sometimes I am really stressed and talking is too much effort. I am sure that excellent spa services know how to take care of their weary clients. 

One thing I have noticed about unprofessional spa services is that their staff are not properly trained. No-one wants to go into a spa and listen to the staff talk all day about how difficult life is for them or even about how terrible the Spa Management is. No! We are paying for a luxury service and listening to the latest complaints about this and that is not living in luxury.  We aren't normally going to spend all day in the spa, but even if we are there for only a few hours we can be assured that the "atmosphere" is definitely going to be a determining factor of our relaxation level.

Some people don't understand that atmosphere is not just about chemical aroma or how many artificial flowers someone has. Of course many spas have real flowers too but that is not the point. What makes the difference is that the temperature is also right and that depends largely on the attitude of the staff working at the Spa. If the staff are not being paid enough because their income has been slashed due to the owners jumping into Group Discount Fever then it is going to get too hot for some particular customers who would prefer to pay more money to stop this. Come on! If a Spa is a specialist service, then the owner of the Spa will know that getting more clients but less profit is not necessarily going to be the answer. OK, I don't run a Spa and I know that if I just opened one that was not in a well known location, it is not going to be easy. I am not trying to give the answers to Spa owners but simply state my case as a client who values those particular ones that really do care about the relaxation level of their clients.


The fact is that some people in American say "Could Care Less" and as the Brits say "Couldn't Care Less" If you are confused about this I believe that John Cleese explains the situation rather well in the above video. By the way! John Cleese is a great salesman and when I was younger I used to watch his sales videos because the company I was working for believed in them. What I can about salesmen is that "powerful salesmen" can bring you business. However, when they bring business to a company it is proper for that company to actually provide the services that were advertised. It is a real downer to be promised one thing and receive something else.

One thing is for sure and it is that good marketing, pleasant and well trained staff, a nice atmosphere are not always going hand in hand anymore. We are getting the marketing point but missing out on the "pleasant staff" problem. Who wants to visit a spa where the workers are acting like some power hungry school teacher or trying to be a "mom" to people who don't want them to be their mum?  What is it going to take to make the spa have all the important factors working together? I reckon it will need management who understand what value actually is and won't be rushing off to give discounts unless their clients want to sign up for their own membership deals. I also believe that the best clients are probably going to be the long term clients. Probably many of the longer term customers have more financial power than someone who is going to the Spa on a Freebee that was given in voucher form from the company he/she works for. Which clients are going to return and spend money again? I think that is an important question.

I don't have all the answers for Spa owners but what I can definitely say is that I would rather pay more money to be looked after properly when I visit your spa. I found the next video quite interesting. You see, it does not really matter to me if the aroma actually works but I can see that this mum cares about her kid and that is all that matters to me as a customer.