There is currently a robot war going on that most people have absolutely no idea about. It is a war on the internet between advanced robots. I am not talking about the less intelligent Auto-Tweet bots we see on Twitter which are also at war. If you are a person who analyzes your website statistics on a daily basis you are going to see some strange things happening. I know that my friends who are robot engineers with advanced high and low level programming skills and an appreciation of networks will understand what I am saying and believe it is being practiced. Most people will simply not understand and are not interested. This is their undoing if they are claiming to be an SEO. Sometimes this is difficult because ignorance means further exploitation of the masses. Yes! There are those really do understand but they do not tell you about it because they designed and they use these robots. Why do I mention robot engineers? It is because a robot engineer has to embrace several scientific and engineering disciplines. True robots engineers are people who are able to look at something technical from a broader perspective. Of course there are other people who think like this too and even if you are able to comprehend what I am saying here then you probably qualify to be part of the good robot gangĀ±

The reason of robots is because nothing is natural about a search engine. It cannot be natural and can never be random. No computer in the world will ever be able to produce a truly random number. When you understand this, you will see that everything is the creation of masterminds who are programming robots to search, index and produce ranking results tied to whatever relevancy algorithm they chose to use. You will also see that other masterminds in the world are making their own robots and are at war with the most popular search engine companies. Relax for a moment and watch my video because I am being kind to those who prefer me to use simply language and imagery to present my case on the robot war. I am also not telling people who is good or bad. I am simply helping others to understand the robot war.


It is much more difficult to see events which lead us to conclusions regarding robot interference on older websites because those websites already have a ton of traffic and too much data that it becomes annoying trying to find the obvious evidence that is being lost in a flood of thousands of site visits per day. Let's stay clean and use this site as the control experiment. What is the history of this site? Well, you need to watch the next video to see more clearly the confusion regarding networks.  Go and make yourself a cup of coffee if you are intrigued with my findings. Let me also add that I do not simply write things for the sake of people being aware of it. No! There must be something useful on my site that is going to help someone who feels it is about time for them to give up on the internet and their website. Take a look through the Youtube window which I am using to lead people back here... You would never find me writing about something with such passion and detail on another site that does not belong to me. This site belongs to me- name and contents and so welcome to whoisbid! This video welcomes you. I can tell you that everything this video is 100% unique. Every drawing, photo and even the music and voice is me. It is me! It is me! I am not a robot and I am interacting with you (my reader) on my own website and not on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, MySpace or any other space in cyberspace that does not belong to me!


In order to be in touch with the future and see this activity very clearly you will need to build a new website in 2011. Maybe someone reading this will be in 2012 or maybe 2015 and by that time what I have written here is going to be in the news or simply more relevant. The power of these robots is increasing every day and that is part of their magic because they are trying to take a hold of much of what we own by stealth.  Do you know what it takes right now to build a website and get noticed by search engines without buying high page rank backlinks? If you do, then you might understand why certain people are using advanced robots to do work for them. I am not talking about buying cheap bot programs from people who offer autoblogging on Twitter. I am talking about something that is so advanced that people would not believe it if I explained it in detail. I am talking about some cheap MLM scam like I did in the following video for your entertainment. No! Those types of scams are nothing compared to the power of the advanced robots now employed to do the bidding of certain individuals and corporations on the internet. If you want to have a laugh you can watch the next video about the less powerful scammers. These ones exist so that people can point to a scam and be satisfied that they were intelligent enough to discover it and avoid it. However, there is saying "Out of the frying pan and into the fire!) and what is fire for many of us? If you are being completely honest with yourself the "fire" could mean you lose something.. and maybe one of the things is money! OK- watch my next video production with caution if you are easily led into multi-level marketing scams but those who already know about them might laugh at my silly attempt to mimic them.


So, what is the plot if the poor old novice scammer in the above video is just a simple diversion and not really masterminding anything that would take the world by storm? I am not saying people pay guys like that to make ridiculous scam videos. No! I believe people like that exist and are able to catch a few rats with their cheese or maybe some innocent fish who has a tendency to fall for ridiculous scams. 

Do you know who are the seo masters? One of them inspired me to write a page about him. You can divert and go there and watch Ralph if you don't believe they exist. You won't find people like this in the limelight because they are not coming from any traditional stream.  What interested me about this particular seo master was the opening words in his first video. He said "whoever owns the content, owns the internet!" 

OK- If you have dug deep enough and worked hard enough to understand what is going on- then the answer to the robot war and false statistics will dawn on you. You will understand how website worth is artificially inflated. Once you have enough artificial inflation you can convince others it has great value and guess what? The fake then becomes real and legitimate. Haha!

If nothing is dawning on you then you not deserve an explanation from me about some of the techniques people are using. Maybe watching Ralph's video might throw some light on the matter but I doubt it because I believe he is not even scratching the surface. Of course, those of you who own these robots and like sending them to my site looking for dish washing liquid and other items connected to multi billion dollar industries know already and could probably write a book about it. Hey! Why don't you write that book and leave it for people like me to read when you leave the business or leave this world. Well, I noticed you, didn't I? I am communicating socially with you.. because this was not written by a robot.. and if you came here it was because you did a manual search and it was not one your robots on those thousands of different IP addresses you own.. you know what I mean - those robots who searched for dish washing liquid and clicked on the results to view my page.. and then clicked somewhere else very quickly to fool the cookies to gather wrong statistical info. LOL!