Are you curious to know what websites looked like in the past and how they progressed or didn't progress? This is one of the reasons why someone might want to take a look at the way back machine. Here is a kid who made a great video about it.


There are no archives for WHOIS BID because this site began in late 2010. We do however have some data on how we are currently doing

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                             LOOKING BACK FOR MANY REASONS


The WAY BACK MACHINE is still alive and running archiving millions of pages daily through the network we call the world wide web. It is now identified by INTERNET ARCHIVE ORG.  These guys are definitely a prize to the internet community and especially to those who want to see DOMAIN AGE  according to the WEBSITE ACTIVITY of the past. I did not explain that very well but you will get the picture if you start using this free service. There are many reasons why someone could benefit from using this tool. Here is a list of some of them.

1. Seeing how the website started off and how it progressed. Learning from patterns that you recognize. Having fun studying the website progression.

2. Investigating the sincerity of a website e.g. you can see some sites offering things in the beginning but later on ripping everyone off or doing something completely opposite to what was originally promised. So, if they did this in the past, what would stop them from doing it again? The WAYBACKMACHINE is a great investigative service ;)

3. If you are buying a premium domain name that was formerly a website you can use this tool to see what would be required if you were going to restore the domain to some form of what it originally was. This is an SEO art form and you need to know what you are doing if you want to attempt this because if you have no knowledge on the subject matter you might find it extremely difficult.

4. There are so many other reasons why this tool is helpful. Just start using it and learning about web history, even the history of your own site which might make you smile seeing things that bring back good memories.


                          The vast ocean of the INTERNET


If you are lucky  you might be able to pick up and old domain name that was formerly a website . Sometimes people let their domain names expire . Maybe some people imagined their domain name or website was worthless i.e. they wanted to do this (unlikely if it was popular) or - something happened so that it lapsed. The same happens with bank accounts of people who had no friends or relatives. What happens to that money? Well, that is the subject for a controversial website dealing with moral issues in business. There have been domain handlers accused of taking advantage of these things i.e. obtaining the property for themselves because of their inside info on the domain and that is also for another website and another controversy.

If someone has a nose for picking these things up in a legitimate or illegitimate manner and can see value - they might try to sell these kinds of domains for a profit. These domains might end up on an auction site. Its kind of like selling dead men's bones to others who believe that they are able to resurrect them and make them even more valuable or resell them to others who covet them.


This page is by no means exploring all the benefits of the INTERNET ARCHIVE but if you want to study the history of a domain or website these people are providing a very useful service to the internet community,